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For customers who can't carry out activation.

  • The SIM is not recognized or no network status icon appears.
    • The message “No SIM is inserted” appears.
    • No network status icon appears.
    • None of 3G, 4G, and LTE appears.
    • The X symbol appears next to the network status icon position.

    If those problems above apply to you, make checks as follows:

    • Your smartphone is an unlocked. (if the SIM PIN lock code appears on the terminal, contact the seller. You cannot use this service.)
    • The SIM card shall be inserted in the correct direction.
    • If your smartphone is available more than one SIM, remove all other than Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi.
    • Restart your smartphone.

    <Android only>
    When the problem persists regardless of the corrective actions above, conduct the following:

    • Choose Settings, Connection, Mobile Network, Network Mode, and 3G/GSM in order.
  • It fails to connect with the activation website (

    Make checks as follows:

    1. Check your smartphone for settings.
      • The airplane mode is OFF.
      • Wi-Fi is OFF.
      • Mobile Data is ON.
      • If your smartphone available more than one SIM, remove all other than Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi.

      <Android only> Settings shall be given to APN (not blank).

      • If the APN field is blank, you need to create a dummy APN as follows:
        NAME (APN name): jws
        APN: jws
      • It is not necessary to set up the other items.
      • The item names vary depending on the smartphone model.
    2. Check the URL of the activation website (

      Make checks as follows:

      • http is followed by s.
      • The last character of URL is /.
      • Your entry does not have errors in spelling or spaces.
    3. Check the maintenance time.

      Make checks as follows:

      • It is not maintenance time.
        Regular maintenance: 10:30 PM on every Tuesday to 8:30 AM on the next day (Japanese time)
      • From the menus, choose Notifications to check ad hoc maintenance.
        Ad hoc maintenance may be conducted without prior notice.
        For more information, see the notifications.

      <When you fail to log in to the system with your d ACCOUNT> Make checks as follows:

      • You may enter your ID and password in single-byte characters.
      • The entries does not have a space between characters or at the end.

      *If you cannot remember the password of your d ACCOUNT or the latter is locked, please reset a password.
      Access to the website for resetting the password of a d ACCOUNT requires Wi-Fi or mobile connections.

  • Connections with the activation website are successful, but the activation fails.

    If the following conditions apply to you, the activation is not successful. Please contact here.

    • Your d ACCOUNT used during application is already registered with a different telephone number.
    • You applied with the d ACCOUNT which is used for another service provided by DOCOMO.

    If you do not match the conditions above, make checks as follows:

    1. When you cannot receive a 6-digit one-time password via SMS
      • Make sure the SIM telephone number entered is correct.
      • The number shall consist of 11 digits beginning with any of 070, 080, and 090.
      • All the numerals should be a single-byte.
      • The number does not have neither a space nor a hyphen between numerals or at the end.

      <How to check the telephone number>

      • Use the telephone number shown in the back of the SIM.
      • Search your smartphone for the telephone number.
        Make sure Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi is inserted.

        <Android> * The method may vary depending on the smartphone model. Settings > About Phone > Status > Telephone No. (0x0-xxxx-xxxx)

        <iOS> Phone > Contacts > your telephone No. (0x0-xxxx-xxxx)

      • Your smartphone is able to use SMS.

        *Terminals including iPad shall not be used because they cannot receive a message via SMS.

        *With such terminals, you cannot activate the SIM. After using a SMS-able smartphone to complete the activation, you can use this service with your SMS-disabled smartphone.

    2. When connections fail though you enter a one-time password
      • Make sure your entry is correct.

        *The 6-digit one-time password received via SMS is entered correctly.

        *You entered the password of six single-byte numerals.

        *Although you enter a wrong password, the message “A request for activation has been received” appears on the screen. If no communications are established more than 10 minutes, send a new message via SMS and reenter the one-time password received.

  • Although I have taken all the measures above, the problem still persists.

    If the problem persists although you have taken all the measures above, restart your smartphone and try the activation again.
    If the problem still persists, click here to display the inquiry form, enter the following information, and send the form to us.
    Inquiries are only available after applying.

    1. Model name of your smartphone (e.g. iPhone XX or Galaxy XX)
    2. Telephone number of Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi
    3. Date and time at which the problem occurred
    4. Problem occurring conditions
    5. Screenshot of the error code (if available)
  • Tell me how to activate the SIM.

    Click here to check out the method.

Services and specifications(General)

  • What is the service called Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi?

    It is a prepaid SIM service offered by NTT DOCOMO, INC., in which foreigners can use mobile data communications. Just by inserting the SIM card into their smartphones, they can also use Wi-Fi with no additional cost over 100,000 places, particularly key sightseeing spots all over the country. This service presents no telephone calls because it is special to data communications. You can only use SMS when you receive it.

  • What kinds of plans do you offer?

    We offer the following plans:

    • Plan S: JPY 1,080 (including tax) with no high-speed data
    • Plan M: JPY 1,836 (including tax) with 600 MB of high-speed data
    • Plan L: JPY 2,376 (including tax) with 1.2GB of high-speed data
    • Plan XL: JPY 3,024 (including tax) with 2.0GB of high-speed data

    Any plan allows you to use mobile communications at 128 kbps and via Wi-Fi without a limit for 20 days after the SIM activation.

  • Where can I use mobile communications with Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi?

    The SIM allows you to use mobile communications all over Japan.
    For more information, check the service areas here (in Japanese only).

  • How fast is the mobile communication speed?

    During high-speed communications, the downstream and upstream speeds are up to 988 Mbps and 75 Mbps respectively, and during communications at 128 kbps, both speeds are up to 128 kbps.

  • Are there any restrictions on mobile data usage?

    Depending on network conditions, there may be cases where the transmission gets slower or connection becomes difficult. Also, you may be disconnected in case of attempting to transfer a high vlume of packets in one session or within a given period of time, in case of staying connected for long periods of time or in case of continuous attempts to connect over a given priod of time.
    We also reserve the right to restrict the traffic by the specific software or protocols which we designate.

  • If the available 4G (LTE) high-speed data is exhausted, are communications disabled?

    Even after your high-speed data is exhausted, you can use mobile communications at 128 kbps and Wi-Fi without a limit for 20 days after the SIM activation.

  • Can I make voice calls or use SMS text messages?

    Voice is not available. SMS can only be received, not sent.

  • Is tethering possible?

    It depends on the devices you use. Please refer to the guide book of your device.

  • Does it support 2G/GSM?

    Unfortunately, 2G/GSM devices are not supported.

  • How much high-speed data should I have?

    The necessary high speed data communication volume varies depending on customers’ use conditions and the length of their stay.
    As a guide, the following shows examples of using 100 MB of data.
    [Examples of using 100 MB of data]
    Viewing the home page of news websites (for mobile terminals): About 340 times
    Text mail (about 100 characters long): About 5,600 times
    Watching moving images (middle image quality): About 24 minutes

  • Which sizes does the SIM cover?

    It covers the three sizes: standard, micro, and nano.

  • What is a 3 in 1 SIM?

    It is a SIM card that the customers can cut out into the standard, micro, or nano size.

  • What are APN settings?

    APN refers to an access point name and is a setting that is usually required when configuring a network. However, our system automates this process for you.

  • Can I use a single SIM card in multiple devices?

    As long as your devices are supported, you are able to swap the SIM card among devices.

  • Can I also apply / use from a computer?

    You can also apply / use from a personal computer.

  • Are there conditions for terminals that can use Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi?

    The Service may be used by SIM-unlocked devices that satisfy the following requirements. (Please verify prior to applying for the service.)

    • Your device and SIM card are being used on the network with which the DOCOMO operates a roaming partnership in your native country, or your device has received a technical certification.
    • Your device should operate on one of the following frequencies:
      LTE: Band 1/3/19/21/28 FOMA (3G)' Band I/VI/XIX
  • How can I check your roaming partner?

    Please check DOCOMO's roaming partner here(English Only)

  • How can I check that my device has received a technical certification.

    If you can check the Technical Conformity mark on the device which you insert the SIM card, your device has received a technical certification. Technical Conformity mark is printed on the device's body or displayed in the setting menu.

    *For Technical Conformity mark, please confirm here. (English Only)

Services and specifications(Wi-Fi)

About applications(dACCOUNT)

About applications(Payment)

About applications(Coupon code)

About applications(Other)

Credits for viewing advertisements

Purchasing data credits

SIM pickup

Cancellation / withdrawal

  • Can I cancel my plan?

    Access your customer details page on the Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi site to carry out cancellation procedures. Note that payments are not refunded, regardless of whether you have or have not used the service.

  • Can I withdraw from my d ACCOUNT?

    Yes. Note that withdrawing from the d ACCOUNT also cancels service. Please see this pagees for details.

  • I've applied for Plan 0 Area but would like to cancel.

    SIM use will automatically be canceled when the SIM availability date elapses. If you wish to cancel it now, please cancel your contract or d account. In addition, if you cancel your d account, your contract with Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi will be canceled automatically.

  • After the service ends, is it necessary to return the SIM card?

    After the service ends, the customers need to cut the card with scissors and then to dispose of it.

    • The SIM card owner reverts to NTT DOCOMO.
    • If you want to return the card to us, send it to the following address.
      Note that the customers shall pay the delivery cost.
      Sanno Park Tower 7F, 11-1 Nagata-cho 2 Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6150 Japan
      To SIM Card Return Center, Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi


  • Tell me your cancellation (money-back) policies?

    In accordance with the notes (excerpts from the terms and conditions) you agreed to upon contracting, we do not pay back the charge received from you regardless of whether or not you used this service.
    Note that the above does not apply in the case where you can not use Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi absolutely, for example, because a problem in electrical communication equipment related to the contract stops all communications, resulting in the SIM being unused completely, or the SIM has a defect. For more information, click here to send an inquiry to us.

  • The communication speed is too low.

    After your high speed data is exhausted, the communication speed reduces to 128 kbps. If you want to use high speed communications, get a top up by seeing advertisements or for a charge.
    The communication speed is a maximum set forth in the technical specification, so it is not guaranteed as an actual speed. Speed may reduce due to smartphone models, area-by-area communication facilities, and network traffic. The communication speed displayed varies depending on smartphones customers use.
    To know details of NTT DOCOMO LTE areas that attain 988 Mbps, the peak speed during reception, see the website of NTT DOCOMO.

  • My high-speed data is exhausted although I hardly use communications.

    Your smartphone has the capability of sending and receiving a large amount of data by upgrading software, using applications, and/or running background communications automatically.
    Therefore, check them out. To prevent data from being sent and received unintentionally, it is recommended to turn OFF the automatic update of applications and the automatic downloading of images.

  • I damaged or lost my SIM card.

    If, after commencing use, you lose, damage, or break your SIM card, rendering it unusable, we are unable to provide a new one or accept returns or exchanges.

  • Where can I see what I registered during application?

    Do it in the order of login and the selection of Customer Information from the menu.

  • How can I opt out of AudienceOne?

    Please access this page to carry out opt-out procedures.

  • Where can I see the service agreement and privacy policy?
  • My issue was not resolved by the FAQ.

    If you cannot activate the SIM, please check the following steps.
    FAQ > SIM pickup and starting use > For customers who cannot activate Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi

    For other inquiries, please click here. (English/Japanese only)
    Please note that it may take some time for a response to be sent.