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Boost Your Luck in Love! 5 Highly Reviewed Shinto Shrines in Tokyo with Matchmaking Powers

If this is the year you want to find that special someone, be sure to read on. This article introduces Shinto shrines in Tokyo with special matchmaking powers.

1. Tokyo Daijingu (Iidabashi)

Tokyo Daijingu is recognized as one of the five major Shinto shrines among the approximately 1,800 in Tokyo. It is believed to be so effective that it is always mentioned in lists of shrines with matchmaking benefits. Many people have been married soon after praying at the shrine.
If you are hoping for a great match, get the Enmusubi Suzuran Mamori (800 JPY), an amulet with two bells in the shape of lilies-of-the-valley that represent the hearts of two people ringing together as one. The Koi-mikuji* (200 JPY) (fortune slip) with practical romantic advice is also said to be very accurate.
There are many heart-shaped decorations on the shrine grounds. This is actually a traditional shape that represents a boar's eye. It is said to repel evil and that you will be blessed with luck if you take a photo of it on your smartphone and use it as your home screen image. Make sure you look out for it! One place where you can find it is on the roof of the shrine building.

*There are also fortune slips written in English.

1. Tokyo Daijingu (Iidabashi)

2-4-1 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

2. Imado Jinja (Asakusa)

"Maneki neko" is a traditional Japanese figurine of a beckoning cat that is said to invite wealth and human relationships, and Imado Jinja is its birthplace. When you visit this Shinto shrine, be sure to notice the white maneki neko in the shrine building as well as the two stone statues on the side. The statues are shiny from all the people stroking them to reap the benefits.
The amulet with a drawing of a maneki neko on it and the ema (wooden plaque) on which wishes are written are also popular. There are two types of plaques: One with a cat with a raised paw, which should be used to pray for good love matches, and another with a clothed cat for thanking the deities after a wish comes true.

2. Imado Jinja (Asakusa)

1-5-22 Imado, Taito-ku, Tokyo

3. Akasaka Hikawa Shrine (Akasaka)

Akasaka Hikawa Shrine, a Shinto shrine with a history of more than 1,000 years, is recommended for those who not only want a good love match, but also want to pray for good relationships in general. A special event called "Enmusubi Mairi" (festival to pray for a good match) is held here once a month (reservations required*). After your prayer, you can obtain a comb that's been beautifully decorated with flowers and a pouch to put amulets in. It is so popular that it fills up within minutes when reservations are opened up.
Reservations are not required to pay your respects at the shrine or to purchase an Enmusubi Omamori (matchmaking amulet) (500 JPY).

*The next month's schedule is posted on the shrine's official website at 9:00 am on the first of the month and reservations can be made by phone or using the online form. The fee to join this event starts at 3,000 JPY.

3. Akasaka Hikawa Shrine (Akasaka)

6-10-12 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo

4. Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunshi (Roppongi)

Izumo Taisha is a Shinto shrine in Shimane Prefecture where all the deities from around Japan are said to gather during the latter half of November every year to discuss how people should be matched, so it has fantastic matchmaking powers! Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunshi is a branch of the shrine in Tokyo where you can get the same benefits.
If you want to pray for a great match after paying your respects at the shrine, get the Enmusubi-no-Ito (1,000 JPY). The amulet is a bunch of red and white threads that can be sewn on to clothing to wish for a great match. You can also give some of the threads to people you want to have good relationships with.

4. Izumo Taisha Tokyo Bunshi (Roppongi)

7-18-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

5. Omiya Hachimangu (Nishi-Eifuku)

Omiya Hachimangu, where you can pray for safe childbirth and good love matches, is located at the center of Tokyo and is sometimes referred to as the "bellybutton of Tokyo". It takes about 20 minutes from Shibuya to its nearest station, Nishi-Eifuku Station, on the Keio Line.
The shrine grounds are said to have many spots with spiritual powers. The Tomoiki-no-Ki, a Japanese nutmeg tree with inu-zakura growing out of it, is said to help with matchmaking and for reconciliation, and the Kofukugaeru-no-Ishi, a stone in the shape of a frog, is said to bring blessings (kofuku) when you stroke it.

5. Omiya Hachimangu (Nishi-Eifuku)

2-3-1 Omiya, Suginami-ku, Tokyo

All of these Shinto shrines are highly rated on social media sites. Be sure to visit to see how effective they are!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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