Tokyo Skytree/Asakusa

Tokyo Skytree is a new Tokyo tourist attraction that is very popular. It encompasses a variety of facilities, including observation decks, an aquarium, a planetarium, and a shopping mall. Asakusa in the surrounding area is also among the most popular tourist area in Tokyo. It is a place where you can enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the Edo and Showa period of Japan.We will introduce the best information to enjoy Tokyo Skytree.

The Best spots and facilities in Tokyo Skytree


TOKYO SKYTREE, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in May 2017, is the world's tallest tower (634m) according to the Guinness Book of World Records. There are panoramic views of the Kanto area from the 350m-high TEMBO DECK and the 450m-high TEMBO GALLERIA, and on a clear day, even Mt. Fuji can be seen. It is a great spot from which to enjoy vast and fantastic views. At the foot of the tower, there are commercial facilities like TOKYO Solamachi, which has more than 300 shops and restaurants. The tower is lit up at night, creating a lovely, romantic atmosphere, with lights that change with the season.

The tower is close to Asakusa and is easily accessible from Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line, which is the closest train station, although Oshiage Station is also convenient if you are using the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, the Keikyu Line/Toei Asakusa Line, or the Keisei Narita Sky Access line. Tokyo Skytree is only about a 5-10 minute walk from either of these two stations.



Each spot and facility will be introduced in more detail. First up is the TEMBO DECK – a 360-degree deck surrounded with large windows that are more than 5m high. This deck is designed to give a view that encompasses the bottom of the tower, all the way out to about 70km. Next is the TEMBO GALLERIA, which is 100m further up from TEMBO DECK. It is a tube-shaped glass corridor in which you will feel as if you are taking a walk in the air.

Sample Fees:
TEMBO DECK same-day ticket:
Adult (18 and over): 2,060 JPY, Young adult (12 - 17): 1,540 JPY, Child (6 - 11): 930 JPY, Toddler (4 - 5): 620 JPY
TEMBO GALLERIA same-day ticket: Adult (18 and over): 1,030 JPY, Young adult (12 - 17): 820 JPY, Child (6 - 11): 510 JPY, Toddler (4 - 5): 310 JPY


Sumida Aquarium

Next up is Sumida Aquarium, which is on the fifth and sixth floors of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN. It is popular for its giant tank that recreates the ocean around Ogasawara Islands, which is on UNESCO's World Heritage List. It is also popular for the penguins that swim in one of Japan's largest indoor open-pool tanks, and the tranquil jellyfish tank. It is open till 9:00 pm, so if you're lucky, you may be able to see the penguins sleeping.

Admission fee:
Adult: 2,050 JPY, High school student: 1,500 JPY, Elementary school & junior high school student: 1,000 JPY, Toddler (3 years old or older): 600 JPY

Sumida Aquarium


Next on the list is a popular planetarium that reopened after renovations in November 2017. Its concept is "magic blue". It uses the latest 3D audio effects, video projection systems, and premium seats, so that you can thoroughly enjoy the beautiful starry skies, video, and music.

Sample rates: Planetarium show general seating: Adult (junior high school age and older): 1,500 JPY, Child (4 years old and older): 900 JPY


Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District

Finally, there’s the Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District on the first floor of the East Yard of the commercial facility, Tokyo Solamachi. There are approximately 35 stores selling food and miscellaneous items, as well as cafes, along a corridor that is about 120m long. There are many items, such as Japanese-style sweets, hand towels, and uniquely Japanese items, that are perfect as souvenirs.

Solamachi Shotengai Shopping District

Recommended tours around Tokyo Skytree

Refreshing Lesson in Japanese Skincare and Ricebran Soaps

Refreshing Lesson in Japanese Skincare and Ricebran Soaps
  • Learn how to make your own organic soap.
  • Take your handmade soap with you back home and experience the life of a Japanese local artisan.
  • Take a tour of downtown Tokyo in beautiful Asakusa.

The Ultimate Samurai Experience through Kendo in Tokyo

The Ultimate Samurai Experience through Kendo in Tokyo
  • Try on kendo uniform and armour.
  • The host has an amazing 25 years experience in kendo.
  • The dojo is only 10 minutes away from Tokyo Station.

Stroll Along Shitamachi in a Striking “Casual” Kimon

Stroll Along Shitamachi in a Striking “Casual” Kimon
  • Personal kimono fitting by Engawa Sumida, a Japanese fashion expert and founder of “Japan Refashion Assosiation.”
  • Pick your favorite kimono to rent and head out into the rustic downtown area for photos and tea.
  • The Oshiage area is famous for its rustic shopping streets and old-world feel, all just steps from Tokyo Skytree.

The Ultimate Asakusa Night Tour

The Ultimate Asakusa Night Tour
  • Pass under Asakusa's Kaminarimon gate on your way to Sensoji Temple.
  • After cherry blossom viewing, try classic Japanese leasure time activites such as visiting a game center, and batting cages.
  • Enjoy the local night life of Asakusa by trying food and sake at local izakaya bars.

Recreate the best of Japanese Confections in Tokyo

  • Learn all about creating confection by creating your own.
  • Enjoy your own Japanese confection with delicious Japanese Matcha.
  • The store is located nearby the Sky-tree.
Recreate the best of Japanese Confections in Tokyo

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