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5 Second-Hand Stores to Find Rare Items at a Discount in Tokyo

Be it books, clothing, appliances, electronics - you name it, second-hand stores in Japan each have their own specialties and are quite popular among foreign tourists looking to find quality goods and rare items. Get ready, because this article will introduce you to five recommended second-hand stores in Tokyo!


BOOK OFF is a second-hand store that mainly handles used books, CDs, DVDs, and video games. With approximately 800 stores around the country attracting more than 100 million customers every year, BOOK OFF is a highly popular store. It even has branches in the U.S. and France. Some of the stores have whole collections of popular manga for sale, making BOOK OFF the perfect place for those looking for bulk purchases at a discounted price or those in search of rare items, such as out-of-print CDs. Nowadays, BOOK OFF also offers an array of different products as well, including trading cards, used cell phones, and original products. Tokyo alone has 99 stores, so it’s really easy to run into one while you're sightseeing.


2. Treasure Factory

Treasure Factory is a general second-hand store that mainly sells large furniture, home appliances, and clothes. The store has a constant flow of new items and even offers unused goods free of defects. You don’t have to worry when shopping here, because every home appliance is checked for malfunctions, and undergoes cleaning and maintenance. The store provides many convenient services, such as holding items for you and helping to load them into your car. Treasure Factory has other specialized branches: TreFac Sports, for used sports items and outdoor goods; TreFac Style, for second-hand clothes; and Brand Collect, for second-hand high-end clothing brands.

2. Treasure Factory


MODE OFF is a thrift store specializing in fashion, offering clothes, accessories, and items from high-end brands. There are 16 stores in Tokyo, including Akihabara and Kichijoji. Since MODE OFF builds up its inventory according to the season, it manages to offer a great selection of products. The store is recommended for those who are looking to buy brand clothes and shoes or high-end handbags and perfumes at a low price. It also has regular brands, so if you just want some everyday clothes, maybe you can find a bargain here! The store also handles children clothes, as well as cosplay outfits and accessories.


4. Sofmap

This is a second-hand store that mainly deals in computers and related accessories and hardware. For those meaning to check out Sofmap, Akihabara is the best place to go because it’s where Sofmap’s specialized stores, numbered 1 to 5, are located. There you’ll find: the “Used Digital Goods Bldg. & Purchase Center” with its great selection of computers, digital cameras, and other used articles; the “PC Multi-Purpose Bldg.” where you can try different e-sport games free of charge; the “Amusement Bldg.” which handles Gundam plastic model kits and licensed character merchandise; and the “Subculture & Mobile Bldg.” where idol groups hold photo shootings and handshake events for their fans.


HARD OFF is a second-hand store that mainly deals in audiovisual equipment, musical instruments, and computers. There are 28 stores in Tokyo, including Akihabara and Kichijoji. When speaking about HARD OFF, many people immediately think about the store’s junk section, which has an extensive lineup of items that's perfect for those who like fixing or dismantling things for parts. Rare items have been found here in the past, causing many people in the present to visit several shops in search of them. But besides the junk section, HARD OFF offers musical instruments at a price range accessible to beginners, as well as a wide variety of other products, from cassette radios to vintage goods.


These were just some of the recommended second-hand stores you can find in Tokyo. From used books to computer peripherals, there are a lot of specialized shops waiting for you here, so come by if you’re interested. You just might find that bargain you’ve been looking for!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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