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5 Delicious Souvenirs You Should Buy at Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport, Japan's foyer, is full of things to buy, from rare souvenirs from all over the country to original Haneda Airport goods. Here are 5 delicious products you should consider when shopping.

1. Oekaki Macaron (Anniversary)

Anniversary is a shop famous for making special sweets such as wedding cakes, and these Oekaki Macaron are their product that you can only buy in Haneda Airport. The crispy surface has illustrations such as Haneda Airport and Ueno Zoo's pandas on them, so it's a great souvenir for people who like cute things or families with kids!
A set of five costs 1,404 JPY (incl. tax). In Terminal 1 you can find them at PIER 1 and PIER 4. In Terminal 2, you can buy them at SMILE TOKYO.

1. Oekaki Macaron (Anniversary)

2. Kogata Youkan Sora no Tabi (Toraya)

Toraya, a well-respected wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets) brand, is famous for their yokan that is one of the sweets that people feel like they must buy when they go to Japan. Yokan is a solidified jelly made from a mix of bean paste, sugar, and agar jelly, and it's a Japanese wagashi with a long history. The high-quality sweetness isn't cloying and will leave you wanting more. Their Sora no Tabi yokan is a red jelly made with white azuki beans and it was made in the image of the clouds lit by the setting sun from the window of an airplane. It might be good to buy an extra one (260 JPY (incl. tax)) for yourself when you buy them as presents!
The recommended set to buy is the cute airport-limited assorted set (1,404 JPY for 5, 2,700 JPY for 10 (both incl. tax)). You can enjoy the different flavors, so you can compare them or share them with your loved ones as a small gift. You can buy it in stores like Tokusen Wagashikan and PIER1 in Terminal 1, and Kin no Tsubasa and some stores in Terminal 2, as well as the International Terminal.

2. Kogata Youkan Sora no Tabi (Toraya)

3. Ika Senbei Karaage/Ama-Shiodare (Echizen Kaisen Kurabu)

The famous Japanese snack, senbei, is a cracker made by mixing wheat and rice flour, grilling it thinly on a teppanyaki (hibachi grill), and flavoring it with soy sauce or sugar. However, these Ika Senbei Karaage/Ama-Shiodare crackers have a whole squid fried as-is into the dough, so its seafood taste and texture makes it great as a snack to go with beer! There are various flavors available, but first try the most popular flavor, Ama-Shiodare ("sweet-salty sauce"). You'll definitely end up buying a ton on your next trip to Japan.
It's 756 JPY (incl. tax). You can buy it in PIER1 in Terminal 1 and SMILE TOKYO in Terminal 2.

3. Ika Senbei Karaage/Ama-Shiodare (Echizen Kaisen Kurabu)

4. Chocolate Ganache [Matcha] (Royce')

Royce' is a hugely popular chocolate maker from Hokkaido. Their Chocolate Ganache has an irresistible melt-in-your-mouth texture thanks to the fresh cream used. The flavor that's been bought often by foreign travelers as souvenirs is the matcha flavor. The refreshing matcha flavor matches perfectly with the chocolate for a superb taste. It's often sold out, so it might be good to go buy it right when you arrive at the airport!
It's 778 JPY (incl. tax). You can buy it at BLUE SKY PREMIUM in the International Terminal.

4. Chocolate Ganache [Matcha] (Royce')

5. Gomadan (Gomadokoro Muhouan)

If you're looking for dumpling sweets, look no further than the Gomadan from Gomadokoro Muhouan. Inside the circular Japanese box called a "wappa," there are dumplings so covered in sesame seeds that they are almost hidden. The dumplings aren't filled with anything, but please enjoy the aroma from all of the sesame they're covered in. Of course they're delicious, but their appearance also has an impact, so if you bring them to a party after you get home you'll show off your great taste!
One box is 810 JPY (incl. tax). You can buy it at Food Plaza in Terminal 2.

Even if you're just stopping through Haneda Airport on a layover, you can buy lots of delicious Japanese souvenirs. Look around as much as your schedule allows!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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