"Tokyo", the capital of Japan is a super popular tourist spot! There are lots of places to visit like "Shibuya", home of the largest scramble crossing in the world, "Akihabara", the holy land for Otaku culture like anime and manga, and other must-see spots like "Shinjuku", "Asakusa", "Tokyo Sky Tree" and more! Lots of information on recommended food and accommodations from WOW! JAPAN, too!


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  1. What Kind of Place Is Kichijoji?

    Things to Do in Kichijoji: From Sightseeing Staples to Fantastic Fun


  2. What is the Doraemon Future Department Store?

    The First Official Doraemon Store Has Opened in Odaiba and is Chock Full of Exclusive Merchandise


  3. ”By the Kosugi-yu”

    [Tokyo] Experience the Japanese Lifestyle with a Public Bath at Kosugiyu Tonari!



  1. A Brand-New Cafe Specializing in Geisha Coffee

    World’s First Store to Exclusively Serve Geisha Coffee “GESHARY COFFEE” Has Opened in Tokyo



  2. SHIBIRE NOODLES Rosokuya@Ginza

    [Tokyo] Ginza Ramen Shops Recommended by Ramen Mania With Experience of Over 1000 Ramen Shops


  3. 1. Bifteck no Kawamura, Tokyo Ginza Branch (Ginza)

    [Tokyo] 4 Restaurants to Enjoy Kuroge Wagyu Steak and Teppanyaki – the Best Beef in the World!


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  1. VEGAN STORE - Japan's First Fully Vegan Convenience Store and Family Restaurant - to Open in Asakusa

    A Fully Vegan Convenience Store and Family Restaurant Has Opened in the Popular Asakusa Area!


  2. This Venerable Candy Store Collaborating with International Star Hello Kitty is a Dream Come True!

    [Asakusa] Hello Kitty Teams Up With Veteran Nihonbashi Candy Store for This New Product!


  3. 1. Design Your Own Shoes at White Atelier by Converse

    [Tokyo] A Must-Read for Shoe Lovers! 5 Recommended Shoe Stores in Harajuku/Omotesando



  1. 1. ONSEN RYOKAN YUEN SHINJUKU (Shinjuku-gyoenmae)

    [Tokyo] From Ryokan to Luxury Hotels – 5 Select New Hotels that Opened in 2019


  2. A New Hotel Perfect for Millennials Opens in the Subculture Haven of Shimokitazawa!

    [Tokyo] Experience the Local Vibes of Shimokitazawa at this Stylish Hotel!


  3. APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU: A Spacious, Relaxing Stay in Central Tokyo [PR]

    APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU: A Spacious, Relaxing Stay in Central Tokyo [PR]


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    [Video] The Beautiful Cuisines of Tokyo


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    [Detailed Navigation] A Complete Guide to Tokyo Train Lines and Major Stations from an Expert Living in Tokyo


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    Complete Access Guide on Getting Around Shinjuku Station