Tips & Manners

If you know about Japanese manners, customs, and taboos, you'll be able to enjoy Japan even more! Here is some general but useful information to know, like phone and Internet connections, Wi-Fi, currency exchange, and duty-free tax exemptions as well as tips to save money like discount passes, to make your trip better.


Tips & Manners×Tokyo

  1. Q. What is the difference between the inner and outer markets?

    【Top Secret】Six Insider Facts about Tsukiji Market


  2. 1. Taira no Masakado no Kubizuka (Burial Mound of the Severed Head of Taira no Masakado)

    Surprisingly Spooky! 5 Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo with Mysterious Legends


  3. History of Tokyo’s Food Culture

    Trivia on Sushi, Tempura, and Other Dishes in Tokyo’s Food Culture


Tips & Manners×Kyoto

  1. Oideyasu

    Traveling Will Be More Fun If You Know These! Japanese Phrase Edition 【Kyoto Dialect Edition】


  2. What is Nijo Castle?

    One of Kyoto’s Most Famous Sightseeing Spots! Trivia on the Former Imperial Residence, Nijo Castle


  3. Overview of Kyo Ryori

    What is Kyo Ryori, Commonly Seen in Kyoto?


Tips & Manners×Osaka

  1. What is Kansai International Airport?

    A Convenient Guide to Getting From Kansai International Airport to Central Osaka


  2. 1. Antiquity (5th century -  Around 7th century)

    It’s More Fun If You Know This! Osaka’s History in 5 Minutes


  3. When Was Osaka Castle Built?

    Facts About Osaka Castle That You Should Know Before Visiting


Tips & Manners×Hokkaido

  1. What Kind of Place is Hokkaido?

    Good to Know Before You Visit! Basic Knowledge on Hokkaido


  2. Travel Times from Sapporo to Major Cities/Modes of Transportation and Times from Sapporo

    A Complete Guide to Transportation Modes and Times Between Cities in Hokkaido


  3. 1. The optimal, most convenient way to get around: Sapporo City Subway

    Tips on Effectively Navigating Sapporo on Public Transportation


Tips & Manners×Okinawa

  1. If You’re Going to Okinawa, Touring the Remote Islands is Recommended

    【2018 Edition】Must-See for Beginners! Things to Know Before Exploring Okinawa’s Remote Islands


  2. The Dialect is Unique

    Traveling Will Be More Fun If You Know This! The Unique Customs and Culture of Okinawa


  3. 1. Shekwasha

    Must-Try in Tropical Okinawa! 5 Delicious Fruits