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This article is a must-read for those hoping to find their favorite Japanese sake! "Seek the Story of Sake" is an online shopping site for Japanese sake that opened in May 2021. With its debut, customers will now get to enjoy select Japanese sake directly shipped from the breweries where they are made! Read on for an extensive look into the charms of this online shop.

About "Seek the Story of Sake"

"Seek the Story of Sake" is an online shopping site dedicated to Japanese sake with the concept of “telling the story of each Japanese sake.”
However, that's not all it is. It's a place where you can fall even more in love with Japan by navigating the depths of the world of Japanese sake and learning about the stories behind the creation of Japanese sake, including the sentiments of the brewers, the manufacturing processes used, and the history and culture of various breweries.
The products featured and sold on this site are all carefully selected to showcase this world. You will surely gain a lot of enjoyment by simply browsing it, so it is recommended not only for Japanese sake aficionados, but also for Japanese sake beginners and those who are interested in Japanese culture.

There are many other reasons why you should visit this site! Let us dive into the appeals of Seek the Story of Sake.

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1. Freshness Is the Essence of Delicious Japanese Sake! You Can Enjoy Fresh Japanese Sake Delivered Straight from the Brewery!

Products purchased at Seek the Story of Sake will be shipped to you directly from the brewery. So, it’s a guarantee that the Japanese sake you will get is of high quality.

Japanese sake normally stays fresh and delicious for around eight months to a year from the date of production (when stored in a cool place, away from sunlight, while completely unopened). The period it remains delicious depends on the manufacturing and storage methods adopted.
Look at the diagram below. You will see that unlike common online shopping sites that export their products, which takes a lot of time, Seek the Story of Sake delivers directly from the brewery, so customers will get their Japanese sake faster and be able to enjoy fresh, delicious Japanese sake.

2. Curated by Japanese Sake Stylists! Introducing Japanese Sake Masterpieces That Match Every Occasion

Even Japanese people think that it is difficult to choose Japanese sake without prior knowledge, so they are quite unsure when picking what Japanese sake to drink. At Seek the Story of Sake, however, Japanese sake stylists make use of their discerning eye when introducing Japanese sake that fits any occasion, whether it be a home party, reward to oneself, or gift to someone else. They explain in detail all the ways that each Japanese sake can be enjoyed.
There is a graph that will make it easy for you to see how the Japanese sake tastes, as well as comments about the Japanese sake from the stylists. Transitioning to the actual purchasing page is also smooth. The site is made to be really easy to use!

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3. A Specialty Shop Offering an Extensive List of Products

Seek the Story of Sake has close connections with several breweries, so it is able to feature a wide variety of them, including ones in Kyoto, which is famous for its Japanese sake; Hyogo, Niigata, and Iwate. It sells only handpicked Japanese sake.

Now, let’s look at what breweries and Japanese sake are available on the site!

Obata Sake Brewery

Founded in 1892, Obata Sake Brewery is located in Niigata’s Sado Island, which is also called a “microcosm of Japan” owing to its rich natural diversity. They have been brewing craft-style Japanese sake since they were founded, attaching great importance to the four key elements in Japanese sake brewing: rice, water, people (brewers), and the natural terrain of Sado.

Manotsuru/Sado Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo
This is a fruity Japanese sake made from local-grown Yamadanishiki rice. It has a light and elegant aroma like apples, oranges, and strawberries, and a deep, robust taste. This Japanese sake can be paired with any dish.

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Shiokawa Sake Brewery

Shiokawa Sake Brewery is located in Niigata, one of the largest producers of rice in Japan that is blessed with abundant water. While Niigata is famous for its dry Japanese sake, this brewery has been a focus of interest of late owing to its production of a series of unique brews in line with its target of creating “smooth, refreshing Japanese sake with a crisp finish” that, though dry, will let you taste full umami of Japanese sake.

This is a new kind of Japanese sake that was brewed specially for pairing with meat dishes! Characterized by its wine-like strong acidity and high alcohol content, it is an exquisite brew that you should definitely try with such meat dishes as BBQ and steak. It also tastes great with a bit of lime juice added to it.

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Nishiyama Brewery

Located west of Kyoto, this 170-year-old brewery is headquartered in Hyogo, which has been known for producing Japanese sake since ancient times. They brew Japanese sake while being mindful of their locality, using not only Yamadanishiki rice, but also such rice varieties as the rare Tajima Goriki and Hyogo Kitanishiki. This brewery is also popular for their “four seasons brewing,” as it brews Japanese sake all throughout the year to ensure freshness.

Kotsuzumi Kotenraku
This Japanese sake won the gold prize at the London Sake Challenge in 2013. It is a well-balanced brew with an elegant scent reminiscent of premium fruits, so it is a great accompaniment to high-quality Japanese cuisine and Chinese dishes, as it has a dry taste that will not get in the way of the inherent flavors of the dishes. It is best drunk at room temperature.

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Masuda Tokubee Shoten

Established in 1675, Masuda Tokubee Shoten is the oldest brewery in Fushimi, which is located in the southern side of Japan's leading tourist destination, Kyoto. They are famous for creating "nigori sake," Japan's first sparkling Japanese sake. This brewery focuses heavily on the "seasonality" and "individuality" of its products.

Tsukinokatsura Heiankyo Junmai Daiginjo
This Japanese sake is made with Iwai—a rare rice variety from Kyoto that is ideal for brewing Japanese sake—under the slogan of “Kyoto sake using Kyoto rice.” Available even in four-star restaurants in New York, it is characterized by a soft, mild taste. It is best paired with dishes with elegant flavors that are not too strong.

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Pay a visit to Seek the Story of Sake to get your hands on some good-value Japanese sake!

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If you are interested in Japanese sake, then go to Seek the Story of Sake and find a bottle that you like. Try a bottle of delicious Japanese sake!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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