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Japan’s Five Best Face Masks for Hot Summer Weather – Masks That Smell Like Mint and More!

Face masks can be stuffy at the best of times, so you may be worrying about what to do when the summer comes. This article will introduce some summer face masks you can wear comfortably during the hot season.

1. Organic Cotton Face Mask That Is Gentle on the Skin (Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten)

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, popular for its wide selection of everyday items that are rooted in traditional Japanese craftsmanship, has released a cloth face mask made with 100% organic cotton gauze. It has three layers of soft gauze that are gentle on the skin and instantly absorb sweat, keeping your skin nice and dry. The fact that even the ties are organic cotton is a testament to its commitment to comfort. The face masks are hand-sewn in Japan by professional seamstresses who craft wedding gowns and other items of clothing. Experience the appeal of a handmade product that is both functional and beautifully created.

Adult size: 2,640 JPY (incl. tax)

1. Organic Cotton Face Mask That Is Gentle on the Skin (Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten)

2. Cho-Kaiteki Mask Refreshing Mint (Unicharm)

This is a face mask with a mint capsule that emits a lovely, refreshing scent. There is a microcapsule inside the fibers that releases the aroma when tapped a few times before use. The strength of the scent can be adjusted by the number of taps. It is made with a "silk touch filter" that contains real silk, so it is soft to the touch. I personally like the smell of mint, so I'll be tapping it many times! When the scent dissipates, you can massage the face mask with your fingers to reactive it.

Price: 322 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Cho-Kaiteki Mask Refreshing Mint (Unicharm)


If you are suffering from your glasses fogging up while wearing face masks, PITTA MASK is the perfect solution! It is a 3D face mask made of elastic polyurethane, so there is no space between it and the face, meaning glasses don't fog up and pollen is firmly blocked out.
Another feature of the PITTA MASK is that it is washable. Wash it by hand and dry it in the shade, and you can use it over and over without stretching it out. The filter will continue to block 99% of pollen through three washes. The face mask in the photograph is a cute, pastel color, but there is also a white version, as well as other chic colors such as khaki green and navy blue.

Price: 522 JPY (incl. tax)


4. Set of Two Three-Layered Reusable Face Masks (MUJI)

One of my favorite stores, MUJI, has released cloth face masks that have been treated to be anti-bacterial and odor-resistant. It is a cloth face mask, but has the benefit of having a wire around the nose. In June, MUJI will be releasing three more versions to follow the one currently on the market: Set of Two Reusable Face Masks (Seersucker), Set of Two Reusable Face Masks (Jersey), and Set of Two Reusable Face Masks (Moss Stitch). They are all made of materials that are suitable for the summer when it can feel hot and muggy, so be sure to try them.

Price: 999 JPY (incl. tax)

4. Set of Two Three-Layered Reusable Face Masks (MUJI)

5. Nodonuru Wet Mask Herb & Eucalyptus (Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co.)

The last face mask that we will introduce is slightly unusual. It's a moisturizing face mask with an embedded filter that uses the wearer's breath to turn moisture into steam that lubricates the throat. It has the refreshing aroma of herbs and eucalyptus, and it is available at the Japanese drugstore chain Matsumoto Kiyoshi.
The face mask is shaped so that breathing is not impaired by the wet filter inside, and there is also a vent around the mouth area to help with breathing. The face mask itself is also made of a lightweight, non-woven fabric that lets the air through.
This face mask is designed to moisturize the throat for 10 hours while the wearer is asleep (time may depend on the conditions in which it is used), but it will also come in handy during the day when the hot summer arrives and you are in air-conditioned rooms for long periods of time. I, for one, often catch a cold due to throat dryness when I sleep in hotels, so I will definitely be taking this face mask with me on my next trip.

Price: 418 JPY (incl. tax)

5. Nodonuru Wet Mask Herb & Eucalyptus (Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co.)

Bonus: Nandemo Mask

If you have trouble getting disposable face masks, use the "Nandemo Mask," available at stores such as Loft and Tokyu Hands, to turn everyday items into face masks! It consists of elastic straps with clips on both ends that you can attach to a square piece of cloth to transform into a face mask. The clips are made from resin and have a rounded shape so that they do not irritate the skin, yet have enough grip so that they will not move easily once clipped onto the fabric.
The Nandemo Mask is available in seven colors including white, but out of all of them, I recommend orange. The orange version was created in response to comments such as "foundation make-up that can rub off shows up on white." The straps are washable, but if you choose a color that stains won't stand out on, you'll be able to use it more frequently without worry.

Bonus: Nandemo Mask

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Be sure to check this article to choose the right face mask to help you survive Japan's hot summer!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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