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5 Popular Melon Breads at Japanese Convenience Stores and Supermarkets – From Butter Flavored to Ones with Chocolate Bits!

“Melon pan” has been loved by the Japanese for more than 100 years. It is a type of soft sweet bread that is baked with a layer of cookie dough and has a grid pattern on top. There are different explanations of why the bread came to be called melon pan, one of which refers to the appearance of the bread and how it looks just like a melon. This article will introduce you to some of the delicious and best melon pans that you can easily purchase from convenience stores and supermarkets in Japan.

1. Hakko Butter ga Kimete! Funwari Melon Pan (LAWSON)

This melon pan can be purchased from the convenience store chain, LAWSON. The combination of the crisp cookie crust, an iconic feature of melon pan, and fluffy bread is impeccable with this melon pan. The secret behind its heavenly taste is the cultured butter that is used in the cookie dough. Take a bite and enjoy the texture of the crust and rich aroma of the butter.
Price: 116 JPY (incl. tax)

1. Hakko Butter ga Kimete! Funwari Melon Pan (LAWSON)

2. Whipped Melon Pan (Family Mart)

Recommended for those with a sweet tooth! Pairing melon pan and whipped cream, you can purchase this Whipped Melon Pan from convenience store chain, Family Mart.
Inside the sweet melon pan is where you will find the whipped cream. Think it’s going to be too sweet? Don’t worry. Two different flavors of whipped cream, milk and salted vanilla are used so although very filling you will be able to enjoy it until the last bite.
Price: 138 JPY (incl. tax)

2. Whipped Melon Pan (Family Mart)

3. Choco Chip Iri Sakkuri Shokkan no Melon Stick (7ELEVEN)

This melon pan, sold at the convenience store chain 7ELEVEN, is very unique. Unlike your usual melon pan, it is stick-shaped, which means that you can have one stick at a time and share it more easily with friends. Perfect for those who cannot finish a whole melon pan by themselves.
A generous amount of chocolate chips is folded into the light textured cookie dough. The chips add a lovely flavor to the overall taste. Since the bread itself is very thin compared to other melon pans, you can really taste the flavor of the cookie crust.
Price: 105 JPY (incl. tax)

3. Choco Chip Iri Sakkuri Shokkan no Melon Stick (7ELEVEN)

4. Kokusan Komugi no Crown Melon Pan (Pasco)

Kokusan Komugi no Crown Melon Pan is made by Pasco and can be purchased at supermarkets. The color of the bread is slightly green like a melon as the dough contains pureed melon from Shizuoka prefecture. The moment you open the package of this melon pan, you will be greeted by a fruity scent. Take a bite and enjoy the melon flavor in your mouth.
This melon pan uses domestic wheat flour, specifically a brand known as “Yumechikara”. This flour is known to give breads a soft yet chewy and moist texture, so you can really enjoy the difference in texture between the cookie crust and bread.

4. Kokusan Komugi no Crown Melon Pan (Pasco)

5. Okina Melon Pan (Yamazaki)

For those who just want to indulge in a melon pan, take a big bite from the Okina Melon Pan, sold by Yamazaki and available from supermarkets.
Not only is its size noteworthy, this melon pan has been around since 2007 for 13 years, and over the years, Yamazaki has striven to attain the best taste possible. The carefully baked cookie crust has a crisp texture and a rich buttery flavor. A very satisfying product both in terms of size and taste.

What do you think? In addition to the melon pans introduced in this article, there are many other types depending on the store. For example, some melon pans have melon puree in the bread batter, others use Danish pastry dough instead of bread dough and some even have a chocolate flavored outer cookie layer. When you’re next in Japan, why not make a quick visit to the convenience store or supermarket and try a melon pan?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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