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Current Must-Buys at Seven Eleven! An Introduction to the Latest Convenience Store Sweets

Luxury desserts and sweets are great, but wherever you are, it is pretty easy to pick up fabulous desserts from convenience stores too. This article gives you a complete rundown of the hottest, most divine sweets you can buy at Seven-Eleven right now. There’s nothing to stop you from getting through all of these delicious, reasonably priced sweets on your visit to Japan!

1. Steamed Cheesecake Sandwich (138 JPY (

The filling, made from Hokkaido-produced cream cheese and homemade custard, is sandwiched in a dough containing three Hokkaido-produced cheeses—cheddar, gouda, and cream cheese. The soft, fine-grained dough and rich cheese flavor are outstanding!

1. Steamed Cheesecake Sandwich (138 JPY (

2. Soft and Chewy Strawberry Milk Warabi Mochi (203 JPY (incl. tax))

Warabi mochi is made from the starch of edible wild bracken known as warabi. It is notable for its stretchy, gelatinous, soft texture that slips down easily. This warabi mochi is kneaded together with thick, rich milk and topped with a sauce made from pureed strawberries. The sweetness of the milk and fruity tang of the strawberries are a great flavor combination. This is an easy-to-eat option for those new to Japanese desserts.

2. Soft and Chewy Strawberry Milk Warabi Mochi (203 JPY (incl. tax))

3. Gorojima Kintoki Western-Style Imo-Yokan (170 YPY (

Imo-yokan is a common Japanese sweet made by straining boiled sweet potato and adding agar-agar (a gelatin like substance made from seaweed) to make it set. Fresh cream is added to the imo-yokan to make this ‘western-style’ desert. It is made with quality ingredients, particularly Gorojima Kintoki, a sweet potato known for its sweet flavor and soft, fluffy texture, which is traditionally grown in Kanazawa. If you like the Japanese desert 'Sweet potato' or other sweet potato-based confectionery, you should definitely try this.

3. Gorojima Kintoki Western-Style Imo-Yokan (170 YPY (

4. Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc (300 JPY (

This Mont Blanc is made with chestnuts from Italy—one of the top 5 chestnut producers in the world. The sweetness and beautiful chestnut aroma make this feel more like a high-end dessert than something you would expect to find in a convenience store. Underneath finely piped chestnut cream, the layers of chestnut mousse, whipped cream, chestnut paste and cubes of sponge are plentiful enough to satisfy the hungriest among you.

4. Italian Chestnut Mont Blanc (300 JPY (

5. Strawberry Milk Moko (162 JPY (

Seven-Eleven’s 'Moko' are extremely popular desserts that look just like choux buns, but have a soft chewy pastry that perfectly complements the cream filling. Up to now, Seven-Eleven has released Moko flavors including tiramisu, chocolate and matcha green tea among countless other sought-after seasonal variations.
The strawberry milk flavor currently on sale offers a superb combination of sweet strawberry cream with real strawberry pulp and rich milk mousse-cream containing condensed milk.

6. 15-Layer Mille Crepe (278 JPY (

This is a simple cake made from numerous layers of crepe batter and fresh cream, but take a bite and the thin crepe batter will melt into the cream creating a blissful sensation. On top of this, the faint scent of caramel adds an extra touch of something special.

What do you think? When you feel like something sweet, you can pop out and get it at your nearest convenience store. After a day’s sightseeing, drop into a Seven-Eleven on the way back to your hotel. The sweets introduced here are just the start. You will find many more delicious options on display!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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