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5 Must-Eat Hamburger Steaks at Japanese Family Restaurants – From Japanese Flavors to Wagyu!

There are numerous casual restaurant chains called family restaurants, often referred to as "famiresu", across Japan, and all are known for their hamburger steaks that they have developed with a lot of thought. So this article introduces five popular famiresu together with their must eat hamburger steaks.

1. Japanese-style Hamburger Steak (Denny's)

Denny's offers a wide selection of hamburger steaks and desserts made with seasonal ingredients. Its No. 1 recommendation, the Japanese-style Hamburger Steak, is a popular item that has been a favorite for more than 40 years since it was first introduced. The juicy hamburger steak is accompanied by a soy-based Japanese-style sauce. It is further supplemented by scallions, ginger and sesame to add texture and flavor. This is an outstanding item of Japanese tastes added to a Western-style dish. Be sure to try the uniquely Japanese flavors.

Price: 686 JPY (excl. tax)

1. Japanese-style Hamburger Steak (Denny's)

2. Foil Wrapped Hamburger Steak with Rich Beef Stew (COCO'S)

COCO'S is a major family restaurant chain with more than 580 branches around Japan, and it has more than 20 different types of hamburger steaks on its menu. The No. 1 recommendation is the Foil Wrapped Hamburger Steak with Rich Beef Stew. A thick hamburger steak is patiently cooked in a beef stew sauce so that the flavor seeps into the steak, giving it a rich overall taste. There is also a wonderful aroma of wine that hits the nose.

Price: 990 JPY (excl. tax)
*Prices may differ at some branches

2. Foil Wrapped Hamburger Steak with Rich Beef Stew (COCO'S)

3. Cheese IN Hamburg (GUSTO)

GUSTO offers a wide variety of food ranging from Japanese to Chinese and Western dishes. If you are going to GUSTO, don't leave without trying the Cheese IN Hamburg. It is one of its signature menu items that has been a perennial favorite since it was introduced. The cheese oozes out of the juicy hamburger steak as soon as you cut into it. The steak is fantastic smeared in the cheese and demi-glace sauce. The cheese is an extravagant mix of ten different types of cheeses including cheddar, mozzarella and gorgonzola. Enjoy the aroma of the various cheeses. Price: 599 JPY (excl. tax)

3. Cheese IN Hamburg (GUSTO)

4. Black x Black Hamburger Steak (Royal Host)

At Royal Host, you can casually enjoy high-end ingredients, such as Japanese Black wagyu beef. It is a family restaurant chain where you can have special, luxurious dishes. The Black x Black Hamburger Steak is an extravagant hamburger steak made with Japanese Black wagyu beef and Berkshire pork. There are three varieties to choose from:

・Garlic Cream Sauce Hamburger Steak
・Japanese-style Grated Daikon and Mushroom Teriyaki Sauce Hamburger Steak
・Rich Brown Butter Sauce Hamburger Steak with Sunny-side Up egg

Be sure to thoroughly enjoy the umami flavors of meat.

Price: 1,480 JPY (excl. tax)
*1,530 JPY (excl. tax) at some branches

4. Black x Black Hamburger Steak (Royal Host)

5. Cheese Burg Dish (Bikkuri Donkey)

Bikkuri Donkey is a family restaurant chain that specializes in hamburger steaks. The one dish that you must try among the wide selection of hamburger steaks on the menu is the Cheese Burg Dish. It is topped with a rich cheese that the company developed itself to go well with the Japanese-style hamburger steak. The steaks are made using beef and pork from animals raised in natural environments. Be sure to enjoy the flavors of a chain that specializes in hamburger steaks.

Price: Varies by branch
*Sample: 888 JPY (incl. tax) (150g) at Shinjuku Yasukuni-dori Branch

5. Cheese Burg Dish (Bikkuri Donkey)

Did you see a hamburger steak you'd like to try? They are all outstanding dishes created with a lot of thought. Be sure to visit for lunch or dinner.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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