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Shopping by the Sea: The Best Ways to Enjoy Rinku Town!

Located on the coast of Osaka, not far from Kansai International Airport, is one of Osaka urban sub-centers, “Rinku Town”. Countless stores and facilities are grouped together on the huge site. Today we will recommend the best ways to enjoy Rinku Town, focusing particularly on shopping.

First, head to Rinku Premium Outlets®!

Rinku Premium Outlets® is one of the leading outlet malls in Japan. It has stores for everything from famous fashion brands to outdoor wear, interior goods, and makeup. It is designed to look like an American harbor town, making it feel like you’re on a resort. They have many service features like baby stroller rental and is equipped with coin lockers so you can relax and enjoy shopping with your family. If you go to Rinku Town, check out Rinku Premium Outlets first!

First, head to Rinku Premium Outlets®!

3-28 Rinku Ourai Minami, Izumisashino-shi Osaka

You won't believe how great the prices are for your favorite brands!

The main appeal of Rinku Premium Outlets® is that you can buy brand items at great prices. You can buy products at far below regular price from luxury brands like Coach, Ferragamo, and Dolce & Gabbana alongside more casual brands such as Asics and Nike as well as famous tableware brands like Wedgwood and Le Creuset. There are countless other brands from both Japan and abroad. When they have sales, you can buy things at even better prices! If you want to get brand items at amazing prices, make sure to check before you go to see when they are having sales.

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Plenty of cafes and restaurants for when you get tired from shopping

It is filled with places to take a break for whenever you get tired from shopping in the huge complex. Besides the usual places like Starbucks, you can also stop in places like Tully’s Coffee Natural Station, which makes fruit and vegetable juices using high quality ingredients. If you want a delicious dessert, we recommend the rich soft serve chocolate ice cream at Godiva. They have lots of different kinds of restaurants that serve wide variety of foods like tempura ramen, okonomiyaki, bagels, and Korean food so if you’re hungry you can have whatever you’re craving! It gets very crowded around lunchtime so try to eat a bit earlier or later to avoid the crowds.

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There's even an onsen and a bowling rink! Rinku Leisure Town Seacle

After you finished with Rinku Premium Outlets®, head next door to Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle. An 85m tall ferris wheel marks the outside of the shopping center. Inside, besides clothing stores, there is also a 100 yen shop, a “dagashiya” (a kind of store where you can buy cheap sweets, especially aimed towards children), a supermarket, and other stores where you can buy everyday items. You can do more shopping here, but if you’re tired from shopping, try the “Rock Salt Hot Spring Rinku no Yu” on the second floor. This rock salt hot spring has both outdoor and indoor sulfur baths as well as special themed baths. There are a total of 8 baths for you to enjoy. You can book a massage after you get out of the baths to fully banish any lingering exhaustion you have from traveling.

There's even an onsen and a bowling rink! Rinku Leisure Town Seacle

3 Rinku Ourai Minami, Izumisano-shi, Osaka

Other recommended shopping facilities

You can easily spend a full day in just the above two shopping facilities, but Rinku Town has many other great shopping areas as well. Of the many others, we’ve picked two specifically for visitors to Japan. Take a look at these as well. Of course, we’ve specifically chosen duty free, tax-exempt shops.

They have every kind of home electronics! Yamada Denki Tech Land Osaka Rinku Store

Next to Rinku Pleasure Town Seacle is a branch of the large home electronics retail store, Yamada Denki Tech Land Osaka Rinku Store. Besides home appliances, they have a wide selection of toys, household goods, makeup, and even pharmaceuticals! They have a lot of special one-day-only sales so take your time and check out what they have to get a good bargain.

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They have every kind of home electronics! Yamada Denki Tech Land Osaka Rinku Store

2-10 Rinku Ourai Minami, Izumisashino-shi, Osaka

Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan

Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan has over 40 restaurants, 85 specialty stores, a 100 yen shop, a supermarket, and a home appliance store. There’s everything you could possibly need all in one place. It’s a bit out of the way from the previous three places we introduced, but there are all kinds of facilities including a movie theater, arcade, and a children’s indoor play area. It’s designed not just for shopping but for various kinds of leisure activities as well. Since it’s right on the ocean, you can enjoy the view of Osaka Bay from the second floor food court. The sunset is so beautiful it was chosen as one of Japan's Top 100 sunsets. If you go, definitely aim to go in the evening.

Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Aeon Mall Rinku Sennan

3-12 Rinku Minamihama, Sennan-shi, Osaka

How did you like our recommendations? There are a lot of great attractions in Rinku Town, but this time we focused mostly on shopping. The next time you come to Osaka, feel free to use our picks as reference for planning your trip.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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