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5 Must-buy Snacks in Osaka

Snacks are what we recommend for you to buy as a souvenir from Osaka. Since the expiration date is long, you can confidently send it to the other person even if it would take several days before it arrives. Let's try to find souvenirs which are packed with both of Osaka's fun and deliciousness.

1. Omoshiroi Koibito

"Omoshiroi Koibito" is a play on words, which was conceived by adding additional characters on the popular Hokkaido souvenir "Shiroi Koibito." "Shiroi" in English means "white," while "omoshiroi" means "funny." This snack clearly reflects the Osaka's sense of humor. Omoshiroi Koibito is a waffle which has "Mitarashi-flavored (sweet soy sauce)" cream pressed between two biscuits. In addition, there are a variety of seasonal flavors, which can be enjoyed in specific periods, like mixed juice or melon and chocolate banana. You can purchase this at any souvenir shop in Osaka. Not only is it available in Osaka, it may be a good idea to have both "Shiroi Koibito" and "Omoshiroi Koibito" as souvenirs for people planning to go on a trip to Hokkaido. Mitarashi-flavor: 1 box with 16 pieces is sold for 1,000 yen (tax excluded).

1. Omoshiroi Koibito

2. Jagariko (Takoyaki Flavor)

Takoyaki is known to be one of Osaka's famous products which is octopus placed inside a wheat flour coating and shaping it into a ball. Although there are a lot of takoyaki-flavored snacks in Japan, "Jagariko" is one of the most famous among these. "Jagariko” is a stick-shaped snack made from potatoes, and is popular for its crunchy texture. There are a variety of flavors like salad and cheese, but the takoyaki flavor only available in Kansai, which comes with the firm taste of takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise, is the perfect snack to pair with liquors such as beer. The box which was imagined from takoyaki containers also makes for a unique souvenir which will make anyone happy. Since it's a light snack, you can eat it while strolling through the streets when travelling. You can buy it at souvenir shops among other stores. Each box is sold for 864 JPY (tax included).

2. Jagariko (Takoyaki Flavor)

3. Okonomiyaki Senbe

Next to takoyaki, okonomiyaki is a known specialty of Osaka. It's one of Osaka's original dishes where in wheat flour dissolved in water is grilled on an iron plate and mixed with ingredients like meat or seafood and vegetables, and is eaten with sauce.
Although there are a lot of okonomiyaki-flavored snacks, we recommend "Okonomiyaki Senbe" which is the exactly looks like the real thing. In contrast to snacks which only have okonomiyaki sauce flavoring, the replication of the taste of okonomiyaki in "Okonomiyaki Senbe" is at a whole new level because of ingredients like cabbage, shrimp and red ginger placed on top of the real thing which has been freeze-dried. It's one of the must-buy souvenirs. Each box with 18 pieces is sold for 600 yen (tax excluded).

4. Glico Man Bekkoame

The most popular sightseeing spot in Osaka is Dotonbori's gigantic sign "Dotonbori Glico Sign." This Glico-man character was made into a sweet called bekkoame. The impact of its appearance is very powerful and it’s a souvenir with ample topicality. Its main characteristic is its simple sweetness, which enables you to enjoy its taste regardless of your likes and dislikes. There's a store near the Dotonbori Glico Sign. 1 pack with 5 pieces are sold for 480 JPY (tax excluded).

4. Glico Man Bekkoame

5. Takoyaki-flavored Kaki no Tane Snacks (Kameda Seika)

This grain snack is named "Kaki no Tane" (kaki seeds) for its resemblance in shape and color to kaki seeds. Among these Kaki no Tane, takoyaki-flavor, which can be only purchased in Kansai area, is a popular souvenir among people travelling to Japan.
Kaki no Tane with takoyaki sauce are mixed in a bag with peanuts in superb balance – you’ll have enough of it once you eat it. A lot of people patronize this product for its lightness and health benefits. Savor its taste during your Osaka trip, and purchase it as a souvenir. 1 box with 6 bags are sold for 600 yen (tax excluded).

5. Takoyaki-flavored Kaki no Tane Snacks (Kameda Seika)

What do you think? Try to search for your favorite during your trip in Osaka.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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