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5 Recommended Restaurants in Naha Where You Can Eat Lunch For Under 1,000 JPY

Here are 5 recommended restaurants in Naha where you can eat lunch for under 1,000 JPY. Definitely check these out!

1. Ukishima Garden

Ukishima Garden is a stylish cafe very close to Kokusaidori. They based their menu off of the macrobiotic diet and offer dishes using specially selected Okinawa-harvested organic vegetables and grains. This is a recommended restaurant for people who like organic and vegetarian foods. They have a wide variety of dishes that are under 1,000 JPY and are great just to look at, such as their Shima Vegetable Soup and Whole Grain Bread (730 JPY (incl. tax)) and the Tokusei Shima Vegetable Organic Spice Curry (950 JPY (incl. tax)). Their Vegetarian Taco Rice, in which shima tofu (Okinawan-style tofu) is used in place of ground meat, is their most popular dish. If you're still hungry, you can enjoy the dessert menu too!

1. Ukishima Garden

2-12-3 Matsuo, Naha-shi, Okinawa

2. Yuunangii

Yuunangii is a restaurant perfect for people who want to be satisfied by authentic Okinawan food while they're in Okinawa. It's an izakaya (Japanese drinking establishment with food) that's in an alley a little way away from Kokusaidori, but it's open for lunch so it fills with tourists and locals alike. This restaurant is known for their Okinawan soba (a type of Okinawan noodle that is different from the soba eaten in the rest of Japan), so you should try the standard Okinawan soba (570 JPY (incl. tax)) or their Souki Soba (670 JPY (incl. tax)), which has a huge piece of souki (stewed pork spare ribs) on top. The texture is amazing! Meals like Goya Champuru (650 JPY (incl. tax)) and the Gurukun Karaage (700 JPY (incl. tax)) come with rice and miso soup so it's a value lunch set. They make their rafute, traditional pork rib stewed in soy sauce and sugar, with miso and it is so soft it seems like it will melt in your mouth the second you take a bite. You'll get addicted to it after having it just once! Enjoy this delicious and reasonably priced Okinawan lunch to your heart's content.

2. Yuunangii

3-3-3 Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa

3. Kominka Cafe Chaaya

Kominka Cafe Chaaya is in an alley near Kokusaidori, and it's a refined cafe that manages to set itself apart from the hustle and bustle of the main street. Here you can leisurely enjoy a traditional foamy Okinawan tea called Bukubukucha (750 JPY (incl. tax)) as well as dishes like Ishiyaki Taco Rice (750 JPY (incl. tax)) and Hiyashi Okinawa Soba (750 JPY (incl. tax)). The recommended dish is the Daily Special (970 JPY (incl. tax)), which is a set that comes with rice, soup, salad, an Okinawan dish, and side dishes. Even though it changes daily, you can be assured that it will be delicious and healthy. Something wonderful is that you can order the same dishes for both lunch and dinner. They also offer prized awamori and beer, so it would be good to stop by after sightseeing!

*The photo is an example of Kyou no Hitosara.

3. Kominka Cafe Chaaya

2-6-6 Asato, Naha-shi, Okinawa

4. CAFE & DINING Mateki

CAFE & DINING Mateki is a comfortable and stylish cafe where you can have a delicious lunch just a five minute walk from Kokusaidori. It doesn't have much of an Okinawan atmosphere, but you can enjoy creative cuisine using organic vegetables and aged beef. Lunch starts at 860 JPY and they have a variety of dishes for under 1,000 JPY including the Daily Mateki Rice Bowl (1,000 JPY (incl. tax)), Daily Pasta Lunch (990 JPY (incl. tax)), Organic Vegetable Gorogoro Spicy Curry (860 JPY (incl. tax)), and more. The sets come with a drink and dessert, so you can enjoy a reasonably priced lunch. All of their dishes are known for their deliciousness, so please stop by!

4. CAFE & DINING Mateki

2-3-1 Kumoji, Naha-shi, Okinawa

5. Ganaha Butanikuten

Ganaha Butanikuten, near Miebashi Station, is a restaurant managed by Ganaha Animal Husbandry in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa. Their pork shabu shabu using farm-fresh branded pork like Yanbaru pork, Yanbaru agu, Yanbaru-shima pork agu, and more, is known to be very delicious! Unfortunately shabu shabu starts at 1,000 JPY, but there are plenty of dishes on the lunch menu where you can enjoy these branded pork meats for 1,000 JPY or less. The Ganaha Butanikuten Special Pork Rice Bowl (500 JPY (incl. tax)) which uses a lot of sweet-spicy grilled pork is surprisingly cheap! Their Healthy Tonkatsu Set (700 JPY (incl. tax)) or their Menchi Katsu (800 JPY (incl. tax)) are made with crispy coatings that go well with the juicy pork, and the sweetness and flavor of the pork will fill your mouth. Since it's a specialty shop you can fully enjoy the deliciousness of Okinawan pork!

5. Ganaha Butanikuten

Ishimine Building 1F, 1-1-1 Maejima, Naha-shi, Okinawa

There are many reasonable and delicious lunch spots in Okinawa. Why not try finding one that you love?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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