Nara was once the center of Japan around 1,300 years ago, and ever since it's been a city full of culture and history. Nara has plenty of shrines and temples that will let you experience ancient Japan.
Inside the city of Nara is Todaiji, the home of the Great Buddha Statue; Nara Park, famous for Kasuga Taisha, as well as Toshodaiji. Outside of the city sits Horyuji, which has the world's oldest wooden buildings still standing, as well as the Ishibutai Kofun tomb, the largest known megalith in Japan. There are also 3 World Heritage Sites here: the Historical Monuments of Ancient Nara, the Buddhist Monuments in the Horyuji Area, and the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimate Routes in the Kii Mountain Range.
It's easily accessible, only about an hour away from Osaka and Kyoto by train. Mt. Yoshino is famous for being Japan's top area for cherry blossoms. During the season, around 30,000 trees bloom around the mountain so you can enjoy an unprecedented cherry blossom sight.
Wild deer live around Nara Park, so you can offer them deer crackers and receive a bow in retun. There are plenty of cute deer goods for sale that are great for souvenirs. Something you should definitely try in Nara is the kakinoha zushi. Mackerel and salmon are sliced and paired with vinegar rice, then wrapped in a persimmon leaf and pressed down. Other recommended regional foods are Nara pickles and chagayu (rice gruel made with tea).



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