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Ryunohitomi, the Sake Born of Miracle Rice

Sake made from a miraculous type of rice has been created.

In November, Ryu no Hitomi, Co. Ltd. and Nihonizumi-syuzo Co.,Ltd. released Junmai Ginjo-shu Ryu no Hitomi 720ml (2700 JPY), a sake made from Ryu no Hitomi rice from Gero, Gifu with a grant from Gifu's fund to promote collaboration between agriculture, commerce and industry.

Junmai Ginjo-shu Ryu no Hitomi 720ml (2700 JPY)

This is a crisp, dry sake that goes well with meat dishes. Ryu no Hitomi was completed in October 2016, despite the sake-making challenges due to the unique characteristics of its ingredients.

In the same month, Ryu no Hitomi, Co. Ltd. was granted a license to sell alcoholic drinks thanks to alleviation in the requirements for the license. They began selling the new sake the next month after adding some finishing touches. 【TokaiWalker/コタニ】

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