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5 Recommended Japanese Cosmetics and Make-up Tools Available in Kyoto

Wa (Japanese) cosmetics refers to products made in Japan with extra considerations for natural ingredients. They are gaining popularity for their "Japanese" package designs and also for their fine quality. Find your favorite wa cosmetics and make-up tools in Kyoto where Japanese traditions are still highly valued.

1. "Abura Tori-gami (Oil blotting paper)" by "Yoji-ya"

The very famous cosmetics shop founded in Kyoto in 1904. Their signature product is “Abura Tori-gami (oil blotting paper)” (300 JPY without tax) with an impressive illustration of a Kyoto girl. The product has big fans who just love its texture with especially-made washi (Japanese paper) and its high-quality function to gently remove excessive oil from a face. The limited editions of the product with fragrances such as “Sakura (cherry blossoms)”, “Yuzu (citrons)” and “Matcha (green tea) are also very popular. Besides the “Abura Tori-gami”, “Kuchibeni Osae-gami (lipstick blotting paper)” (200 JPY without tax) as well as “Oshiroi-gami (face powder paper)” (400 JPY without tax) are also recommended. In their shops in Gion and Sanjo, you can also enjoy drinks and foods at the cafes, so why not take a break if in the area exploring?

1. "Abura Tori-gami (Oil blotting paper)" by "Yoji-ya"

Kayu-koji, Shin Kyogoku, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City

2. "Chidoriya Facial Soap/Red beans and Brown sugar" by "Kyoto Chidoriya"

“Kyoto Chidoriya” uses selected Japanese originated ingredients and develops cosmetics that are gentle for skin. The main ingredient of their long-selling product for over 15 years, “Chidoriya Facial Soap/Red beans and Brown sugar” (1,944 JPY with tax), is natural camellia oil known for its high capability to infuse into skin. Other ingredients used for the soap are red beans power and brown sugar, which make the product one of a kind. Its gentle formula is especially recommended for those with delicate skin because of atopy or other skin problems. The little bird printed on a package is so cute too! In the store, they also carry items such as cute hair-pins, so why not spend some time to shop around?

Source: kyoto chidoriya

2. "Chidoriya Facial Soap/Red beans and Brown sugar" by "Kyoto Chidoriya"

65-1 Jyodoji, Kami Minamida-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City

3. "Kinuhabutae Tamano-hada Puff" by "Kyoto Silk"

“Kyoto Silk” is a company producing varieties of skin care items utilizing silk as a material. According to the information given by the company, for Maiko (apprentice geishas), it has been their tradition to use the end of silk cloth to rub their hands and feet as well as their napes and backs of necks since they always knew it would make their skin smoother for face powder. That said, the company offers “Kinuhabutae Tamano-hada Puff” (1,200 JPY without tax for colored items; 1,300 JPY without tax for patterned items). The way to use this product is very simple; First of all, wet a puff and drain some water. Then, gently stroke your face with the puff removing face-wash bubbles on your face, and then rinse your face thoroughly! What happens during this procedure is that the fine splits on the surface of the puff remove the face-wash bubbles and also exfoliate your skin at the same time. For your body, “Tennen Kinari Silk Body Towel” (2,052 JPY with tax) is also available, so why not try them both?

*Please note that certain patterned Puffs shown in this photo are limited and may be sold out.

3. "Kinuhabutae Tamano-hada Puff" by "Kyoto Silk"

Goko-machi Dori, Rokkaku-sagaru , Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto

4. "Wairo Series" (Japanese colors series)" by "Uebaeso"

“Uebaeso” is a company established in 1751 to provide painting colors exclusively for Japanese painting. “Gofun Nail” is one of their new creations of colors using “gofun”, which are pigments made from fine powders of shells including clams and scallops. They are widely used for Japanese paintings, Japanese dolls, Noh masks and ceiling pictures at shrines and temples. Different from conventional nail colors, the lineup of gofun series does not have irritating smells and, in addition, they can be removed with rubbing alcohol instead of nail remover. The “Wairo Series” represents 21 items, which are all traditional Japanese colors (1,300 JPY with tax). Please do find out how the “hannari (meaning lively but yet elegant in Kyoto dialect” colors look charming on your nails.


4. "Wairo Series" (Japanese colors series)" by "Uebaeso"

579 Toro-cho, Takatsuji-sagaru, Higashino-toin Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City

5. "Face Pack Cotton Paper" by "Kamiya"

“Kamiya” is a company with a history of nearly 100 years in Kyoto and they developed new products, “Kami (paper) cosmetics” combining their historical techniques with the new innovation.
One of their lineups, “Face Pack Cotton Paper” (362 JPY without tax) are remarkably different from other cotton face pack sheets that only remain moist for a few minutes. Instead, they remain moist for as long as 10 minutes. How to use them? It is very simple. Just soak them in your usual lotion or serum and place them on your face. The company’s iconic mascot, the fox, looks so cute on a package too.

5. "Face Pack Cotton Paper" by "Kamiya"

78-3 Fukakusa Inari Onmae-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto City

How did you like the items listed? Besides these items introduced this time, there are many other cute Japanese cosmetics and make-up tools in each store! Get them as a gift for yourself and also as souvenirs for your friends. Your memories in Kyoto will stay vivid and colorful with these cute Japanese cosmetics.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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