"Kyoto," the ancient capital where Japan's traditional culture most remains. We introduce to you spots you will want to visit during the cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons and that will have you wanting to snap photographs before you know it as well as recommended tourist routes! Here you'll find lots about experiences that make you feel the Japanese spirit of harmony, recommended gourmet restaurants, lodging, traditional craft products available only in Kyoto, and also information about confectionery and other souvenir items!


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  1. [Special Edition] The Best 10 Ryokan in Kyoto with Private Onsen Baths

  2. 5 Shopping Spots You Want to Go to In Kyoto

  3. 5 Must-Try Restaurants in Kyoto Serving Exquisite Omurice

  4. 5 Tea Specialty Stores in Kyoto to Buy Delicious Tea as Souvenirs

  5. 4 Ryokan in Kyoto with Private Baths that are Perfect for Couples and Families

  6. Top 5 Shops for All-You-Can-Eat Delicious Yakiniku in Kyoto

  7. Top 5 Kimono/Yukata Rental Shops in Kyoto

  8. If You’re Visiting Kyoto, These Shops Are Recommended! 5 Famous Shabu-Shabu Restaurants

  9. 4 Recommended Brewery Tours in Kyoto

  10. [Special Edition] 30 Must-Buy Kyoto Souvenirs


  1. 1. Kamishichiken Dori

    5 Recommended Sightseeing Spots Around Kamishichiken in Kyoto


  2. 1. Sanzen-in Temple

    5 Kyoto Temples to Visit for a Matcha Tea Break Next to a Garden


  3. Head to HOSHINOYA Kyoto, Hidden Within Arashiyama

    [Hoshino Resorts Feature] Head to HOSHINOYA Kyoto to Become Beautiful with Zen and Noh! (Part 1)



  1. What are the noryo-yuka of Kamo River?

    [Latest Edition] 5 Restaurants Along the Kamo River Where You Can Experience Kawadoko Dining


  2. What is Shojin Ryori?

    [Kyoto] A Must for Vegetarians! 5 Restaurants That Serve Superb Shojin Ryori


  3. 1. koto koto Karasuma Oike Branch

    [2019 Edition] 5 Traditional Machiya Izakaya in Kyoto


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  1. 1. AN DE COOKIE from Toshoan

    [Special Edition] 30 Must-Buy Kyoto Souvenirs


  2. 1. Chiisana Daiyasu by Daiyasu

    【2018 Edition】10 Tasty Souvenirs to Purchase Near Kyoto Station


  3. Must-See Sections of the Street: the Area From Nijo to Marutamachi

    Recommended by a Kyoto Insider! Stroll on Teramachi Street and Discover Treasures



  1. APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU: Easy Access to Popular Sightseeing Spots in Kyoto and Perfect for Groups [PR]

    APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU: Easy Access to Popular Sightseeing Spots in Kyoto and Perfect for Groups [PR]


  2. 1. NAZUNA Kyoto Aneyakoji tei

    [Special Edition] The Best 10 Ryokan in Kyoto with Private Onsen Baths


  3. 1. Guesthouse Kioto

    Top 10 Highly Rated Guesthouses Based on Word of Mouth Around Kyoto’s Famous Spot, Kinkakuji


Kyoto×Tips & Manners

  1. Oideyasu

    Traveling Will Be More Fun If You Know These! Japanese Phrase Edition 【Kyoto Dialect Edition】


  2. What is Nijo Castle?

    One of Kyoto’s Most Famous Sightseeing Spots! Trivia on the Former Imperial Residence, Nijo Castle


  3. Overview of Kyo Ryori

    What is Kyo Ryori, Commonly Seen in Kyoto?



  1. What is Kabuki Calligraphy? How to write your name in kanji

  2. Visit “Fushimi Inari-Taisha” with a local specialist

  3. Create your own masterpiece! Learn about traditional Japanese art Ikebana (flower arranging)