5 Recommended Hot Spring Inns in Kanazawa

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Kanazawa is a place that is filled with lush nature just a little bit outside of the city. These onsen ryokan (hot spring inns) are recommended because they work to offer delicious food and you can relax there while enjoying the four seasons.

1. Yuwaku Onsen Atarashiya

About a 30 minute drive from Kanazawa Station, Yuwaku Onsen is a hot spring area with about 1,300 years of history. In the area, Yuwaku Onsen Atarashiya is a well-established ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) that only has 8 rooms and offers a relaxing atmosphere for bathing in the spring. Inside the quiet inn, you can enjoy having meals in your rooms, and it's full of details that will help you get rid of your exhaustion even outside of the bath. The handmade kaiseki course cuisine is made with local ingredients, and the neo-Japanese kaiseki course using French and Italian techniques is particularly recommended.

*Photo is for illustration purposes.

2. Yuwaku Onsen Nihon Ryouri Sakaeya

Yuwaku Onsen Nihon Ryouri Sakaeya is in the mountains of Yuwaku Onsen, and it's a calm inn from which you can gaze out at the entire hot spring area. The name has ""Japanese cuisine"" in it, and just as it says, people love their cuisine made with seasonal, local ingredients from the region like snow crab. This place is recommended for people that want to be completely satisfied with Japanese food. Kanazawa Yuwaku Yumeji-kan, a museum that exhibits items related to Yumeji Takehisa, a poet and painter of the Taisho romantic style from the Meiji and Taisho eras (1868 - 1926), is nearby. Why not take a walk through the area while enjoying history?

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2. Yuwaku Onsen Nihon Ryouri Sakaeya

3. Kanazawa Tatsunokuchi Onsen Matsusaki

Tatsunokuchi Onsen, a hot spring area a little ways away from the city of Kanazawa, is a lush region with 3 inns. One of them, Matsusaki, has various baths and a huge garden. You can use the private open-air bath without charge, and there are plenty of other types of baths including two open-air ones, a bath you use lying down, and a sauna, so it's perfect for people who love hot springs. Also, in their garden, there's a large pond and you can enjoy it when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, when the trees have turned color, when it's covered in snow, etc. - it's beautiful all year round.

*Photo is of the lying down bath.

3. Kanazawa Tatsunokuchi Onsen Matsusaki

4. Yuwaku Onsen Yunode Ryokan

Yuwaku Onsen Yunode Ryokan, at the entrance of the area of Yuwaku Onsen, is an inn that was carefully designed. There are guest rooms with open-air baths, rooms with tea rooms for tea ceremonies to welcome guests, and rooms built in the sukiya tea arbor style. The baths are an open-air bath and a hinoki cypress bath from which you can gaze at the scenery of the mountains. You can eat the traditional Kanazawa cuisine kaiseki-style in your room, so this is perfect for people that want to leisurely enjoy the baths and nature at the same time.

*Photo is for illustration purposes.

4. Yuwaku Onsen Yunode Ryokan

5. Fukatani Onsen Motoyu Ishiya

Fukatani Onsen Motoyu Ishiya is a ryokan that opened in 1789. It's in the northern part of Kanazawa, about a 25 minute drive away. Some guestrooms have been renovated to be made out of white stucco while others are now built with shoji sliding paper doors. There are also rest areas with hearths, a genuine Noh stage, and other facilities. This is a warm inn that keeps tradition alive. There is historical art exhibited all throughout the inn. In the area there is a temple called Yakushido and smaller shrines dotted around, so you can enjoy the traditional Japanese atmosphere. Also, their kaiseki cuisine featuring Kanazawa regional meals made with carefully selected ingredients like colorful Kaga vegetables and fish caught that day from Nanao Bay is highly reviewed.

*Photo is of a dish called jibuni.

5. Fukatani Onsen Motoyu Ishiya

Kanazawa's onsen regions are said to be so great that if you visit once, you'll want to visit many more times, and it's full of great service. Please enjoy the delicious food and the baths to your heart's content.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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