Kanazawa is one of Japan's foremost cities, once managed by Japan's famous warrior, Maeda Toshiie. It's famous for its lacquerware called wajimanuri, dyed fabrics and kimono using a technique called kagayuzen,a type of porcelain called kutaniyaki, and other such traditional culture as well as an ancient townscape. It faces the sea, so you can enjoy regional cuisine made with fresh seafood, sushi, and local sake. There are various sweets including traditional wagashi available. In the area are hot spring resorts where you can visit a traditional ryokan inn with a hot spring bath and enjoy their cuisine and natural scenery. It snows often, and soaking in a bath while gazing at the snowscape and enjoying a meal is a precious way of enjoying a Japanese experience. In the same prefecture are Wajima and the Noto Peninsula, areas of natural beauty. In the neighboring prefecture, Toyama, there's the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route where you can enjoy scenery like a walls of snow and a sea of clouds.
Kanazawa is a 2-3 hour train ride from Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo, so why not stop by? From Tokyo, you can ride the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train, which just started in March 2015.



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    You'll want to leave Kanazawa to visit! The Charms of the Long-Established Inn, Wakura Onsen Kagaya


Kanazawa×Tips & Manners

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    Spice Up Your Trip with These Kanazawa Basics!