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[Yokohama] A New Limited Time Destination! UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA

Have you already been to UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA? It has been a huge success with throngs of visitors every day since its opening. This article introduces the museum's contents, how to purchase tickets, and how to get there.


Poop (unko in Japanese) has long been verboten as a topic of polite conversation. This facility has been opened for a limited time in Yokohama to shine the light on poop, which is usually washed away the moment it is created, and enjoy it as the ultimate "un-tertainment". There is everything from poop-themed photo spots to games and areas to learn about poop. This article gives an area-by-area guide to the museum.

Opening period: Friday, March 15 - Monday, September 30, 2019



Within ALE-BOX, ASOBUILD 2F, 2-14-9 Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

New Types of Exhibits for Playing with Poop (Main Hall)

The Main Hall has a huge poop object, the Unko Volcano, that changes patterns through project mapping. The volcano-like poop erupts sometimes, spewing poop instead of magma!


Take Great Poop Photographs for Social Media (Un-stagenic Area)

This is a great area for taking photos to post on social media that may make you feel that "poop is actually quite pretty". These photos taken with beautiful poop will help you preserve the wonderful memories of your trip to the museum.

This is a spot called Flying Unko, where you can take photos with cute, colorful poop. Be creative with your poses!


The Un-go Neon with the word "unko" translated into a variety of different languages (gengo in Japanese, hence the name having "go" in it) and lit up. The poppy design makes for wonderful photos to post on social media.


The Baba Galaxy is an area like outer space with an infinity mirror wall reflecting colorful poop.


Move Your Body to Enjoy Poop Games (Un-teractive Area)

The Unteractive Area has a variety of fun physical activities!

Hop! Step! Jampoo! is a game where you have to step on poop projected onto the floor. The rules may be simple, but you'll find yourself completely immersed!


In Unko Shout, the size of the poop on the screen changes depending on how loudly you yell "unko" through a megaphone. What sort of poop will you be able to create?


An Educational Area to Learn About Poop (Un-telligence Area)

The Un-telligence Area is a space to acquire deep knowledge about poop. The exhibits here of poop goods from around the world are highly recommended.


If You Feel Like Going to UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA

How to Buy Tickets

Advance tickets for UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA are 1,600 JPY per person for junior high school students and older and 900 JPY per person for elementary school students. Entry is free for children under school age (a maximum of three preschool age children can enter with one adult).
Advance tickets can be purchased online. The official website has information on purchasing from the official site and through various ticket agencies. Tickets are available through multilingual ticket agencies, so it is easy for foreign visitors to purchase them.
Same-day tickets are sold at the box office, but sales may close depending on how crowded it is, so it is better to purchase in advance.
The facility will close on an irregular basis, so if you plan to go, be sure to check in advance.

How to Buy Tickets


UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA is on the 2nd floor of ASOBUILD, which is connected to the South-East Gate of Yokohama Station via a pathway. ASOBUILD is also 2 minutes on foot from the East Gate of Yokohama Station.
Yokohama Station can be accessed on the JR, Tokyu, Yokohama Minatomirai Railway, Keihin, Sotetsu and Yokohama Municipal Subway lines.
There is no parking for cars or bicycles in ASOBUILD, so use public transportation to get there.

The UNKO MUSEUM YOKOHAMA offers an invaluable opportunity to discover a new side of poop that you may have never experienced before. So, be sure to visit!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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