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5 Recommended Breathtaking Flower Gardens in Hokkaido (Part 2)

Once the harsh, cold winter season comes to an end, multicolored flowers bloom over the land of Hokkaido, which provide us with a vibrant panorama to enjoy. Here are 5 spectacular flower gardens in Hokkaido, which bloom beautifully across the extensive area of the prefecture.

1. Yuni Garden (Yubari)

This is a British-style garden where you may enjoy a variety of flowers from glory of the snow, crocus, and muscari, which bloom in the spring the same time as the opening of the garden, to the cosmos in the fall. Here you may not only take in the view of the flowers, but also take the opportunity to touch them and enjoy their fragrance as you pass through the 15 garden areas. The dishes served at the restaurant within the garden, which make use of fresh ingredients from the vicinity, are well-received. You may also find souvenir shops.

※Opening days: April 22, 2017 to October 22, 2017
※Entrance fee: Spring (April, May) and Fall (October) 310 JPY (For Junior High School students and above), Summer (June) to Fall (September) 620 JPY (For Junior High School students and above)

1. Yuni Garden (Yubari)

134-2 Fushimi, Yuni-cho, Yubari-gun, Hokkaido

2. Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park (Monbetsu)

This park boasts a wide scale unique to Hokkaido, where the flowers bloom vibrantly from spring to fall. From spring to early summer, you may enjoy the light pink shibazakura (phlox moss) and rhododendron, while from summer to fall, you have a view of over 10 million cosmos. What is more is that you can see a huge panorama similar to that of a movie scene from the Miharashi Ranch Observatory at the top of the Niji-no-hiroba. On a clear day, you may even see over the Sea of Okhotsk!

※ Opening days: April 29, 2017 to October 31, 2017
※ Entrance fee: 300 JPY Exclusive to Flowering Time of the Cosmos (from mid-August) for High School Students and above

2. Taiyo-no-Oka Engaru Park (Monbetsu)

Marudai, Engaru-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido

3. Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park (Kamiyubetsu)

This is a garden where 200 types of tulips bloom in vibrant gradations within an extensive area. The scenery from the viewpoint along the national highway and the windmill-type observatory is a must-see. Enjoy not only the colors of the flowers, but also the uniqueness in their shapes. Taking the electric bus "Chupitto" (300 JPY) which travels around the garden area in timing with the celebration of the "Kamiyubetsu Tulip Fair" which commences the same time as the flowers bloom, is recommended. Taking commemorative photos along the way is also a popular activity.

※ Entrance Fee Exclusive to Opening Season: 500 JPY

3. Kamiyubetsu Tulip Park (Kamiyubetsu)

Kamiyubetsu-Tondenshigaichi, Yubetsu-cho, Monbetsu-gun, Hokkaido

4. Farm Tomita (Furano)

This is a popular spot known for having the largest lavender garden in Japan. From late June to early August, there are three types of lavenders that bloom after the other. It would be a good idea to visit early in the morning if you wish to take your time, as about 1 million tourists come each year. The "Lavender Bus" (200 JPY (excl. tax)) which travels within the garden area for a 20 minute ride is recommended. You may access this at the Lavender East, which is only open in July. Announcements are made in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. In this garden, you may enjoy the fragrance of the lavenders as well as an extensive panorama.

※ Opening Days: Until November 5, 2017 (Closed from November 6, 2017 to April 6, 2018)
※ Free Entrance

4. Farm Tomita (Furano)

15 Kisen Kita, Nakafurano-cho, Sorachi-gun, Hokkaido

5. Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no-Sato (Hokuryu)

This is a village where you can admire the 1.5 million sunflowers that bloom over the course of more than 30 days. The 2000 residents of this village work with one another to grow these sunflowers, which when in bloom, all lean majestically toward the east. During the "Himawari Matsuri" (Sunflower Festival) which is held the same time as the blooming of the flowers, you may participate in the various events throughout the course of a month, such as the sunflower maze.

※ 31st Himawari Matsuri Opening Days: July 15, 2017 - August 20, 2017
※ Free Entrance

5. Hokuryu-cho Himawari-no-Sato (Hokuryu)

143-2, Itaya, Hokuryu-cho, Uryu-gun, Hokkaido

Summers in Hokkaido are the perfect time to visit flower gardens due to its lack of rainy season and its low temperatures. Please enjoy these locations and extensive nature unique to Hokkaido, as well as the beautiful blooming flowers.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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