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5 Recommended Cookies Perfect as Souvenirs from Hokkaido!

Hokkaido is a popular tourist destination that offers an abundance of delicious food. This time the focus is on cookies that would make perfect souvenirs, and here is an introduction to 5 of them. Curious to know more? Check them out!

1. Rokkatei's "Marusei Butter Sandwich"

This is the signature product of Rokkatei, a historical confectionery shop founded in 1933. These butter sandwich cookies are renowned as the most representative of Hokkaido's typical sweets. Between two cookies made with special flour, there's a delicious cream of white chocolate, raisins, and butter made from 100% raw milk produced in Hokkaido. The rich flavor of the cream and the delicate sweetness of the moist cookies, together with the pleasant texture of raisins, are a perfect combination.

Where to buy: Sapporo, Obihiro, Kushiro, Hakodate, Asahikawa, Furano's stores, New Chitose Airport, and more
Sample price: 500 JPY (incl. tax)/pack of 4 cookies


1. Rokkatei's "Marusei Butter Sandwich"

6-3-3 Kita-Shijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

2. ROYCE's "Baton Cookies"

ROYCE' is famous not only in Japan, but around the world as well, for their smooth chocolate truffles. They also make many other types of delicious products like ice cream and baked treats. Their "Baton Cookies" are lightly baked cookies that are covered in chocolate on one side. They come in different flavors, like hazelnut cacao, brown sugar, coconut, and many more. The photo is of the matcha flavored variety. The crispy coconut-flavored dough is blended with bittersweet, aromatic Uji matcha and, after being baked, covered in mild chocolate.

Where to buy: Sapporo, Tobetsu Town in Ishikari County, Ebetsu, Chitose, Asahikawa's stores, New Chitose Airport, and more
Price: 832 JPY (incl. tax)/pack of 25 cookies

2. ROYCE's "Baton Cookies"

New Chitose Airport Domestic Terminal Bldg. 2F, Bibi, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido

3. Tsuboya Main Branch's "Kibana"

Tsuboya Main Branch is an old store whose history dates back to around 90 years ago. After initially opening in the Asahikawa area, this popular store has since established many branches in Sapporo as well as other parts of Hokkaido. They are well-known for their charming products strongly related to the area's natural features, but this article focuses on their specialty, Kibana. Two light almond galettes are held together by delicious white chocolate couverture. The name "kibana" comes from a haiku term that refers to something shiny like diamond dust. There are also other flavors like ichigo, made with sour dried strawberries intertwined with chocolate, or chocolat, where a combination of different cacao are used to create a rich and bitter flavor.

Where to buy: Asahikawa or Sapporo's stores, New Chitose Airport, and more
Sample price: 760 JPY (incl. tax)/pack of 5 cookies

Tsuboya Main Branch

3. Tsuboya Main Branch's "Kibana"

(Taisetsu no Kura Ato) 19 Minami 6-jo-dori, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido

4. Kitakaro's "Choco Sandwich Cookies - Hokkaido Prefectural Library"

Kitakaro is popular for its numerous enticing original products. Make sure you try their "Choco Sandwich Cookies - Hokkaido Prefectural Library", a product only available at their Sapporo main branch. Once you open the package shaped like a book, you'll find the aromatic langues de chat cookies and chocolate containing rich caramel sauce. You're then supposed to create your mini-sandwiches with them, a unique way of eating cookies that have made these quite popular! The origin of their name lies in the Sapporo main branch building. Built in 1926, it was the first proper prefectural library of Hokkaido, and the renovation was designed by world-famous architect Tadao Ando. Enjoy these top-class, delicious cookies, in a space that used to be the birthplace of culture and arts.

Where to buy: available only at "Sapporo Main Branch", Chuo Ward, Sapporo City
Price: 1,080 JPY (incl. tax)/box

4. Kitakaro's "Choco Sandwich Cookies - Hokkaido Prefectural Library"

5-1-2 Kita-Ichijo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

5. The Sun Kurodo's "Kuranama"

With 4 stores in the city of Asahikawa, the Sun Kurodo is a popular brand created by ROBAKASHITSUKASA Co., Ltd., a historical confectionery company founded in 1940. It offers multiple types of sweets, but one of their popular items is "Kuranama", which is known as a representative confectionery of Asahikawa. They are chocolate truffle shortbread with a soft and smooth texture. They use 100% Hokkaido-produced flour and granulated beet sugar. Of course, they're available in different flavors, like the "Kuranama - Black", with a bitter chocolate truffle filling, or the "Kuranama - White", characterized by the mild flavor of white chocolate truffle.

Where to buy: Asahikawa stores (including the one near Asahikawa Station), Sapporo Station, Asahikawa Airport, New Chitose Airport and more
Sample price: 486 JPY (incl. tax)/pack of 4 cookies

5. The Sun Kurodo's "Kuranama"

(Asahikawa Romantic Street entrance) 8-jo-1 Kaguraoka, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido

All these cookies are not only delicious, but are also incredibly beautiful! If you visit Hokkaido, make sure you buy some as a souvenir.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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