Three Select Sushi and Seafood Bowls to Try in Mashike, Hokkaido

Mashike, a port town famous for seafood such as octopus and Pacific herring, is popular among domestic and foreign tourists as a place to enjoy sushi and seafood bowls that meet the three criteria of tasty, big, and cheap. The plump texture that seems to melt in the mouth; the slight smell of the sea....the outstanding flavors of seafood caught in the morning can only be enjoyed in a port town. They are so visually pleasing, you'll get excited even before you start to eat. We introduce three popular restaurants where you can get your fill of such bounty of the sea.


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This is an iconic restaurant in Mashike. It has a large raised tatami seating area and has picture books and coloring books so it is particularly popular among families. On weekdays, it has a wide selection of reasonably priced items, such as the 1,080 JPY lunch seafood bowl (available only at lunchtime), all of which come in substantial portions that are sure to satisfy you. It also serves Izakaya-style food to have with drinks, so is recommended for those who want to have drinks at lunchtime.♪

The 2,210 JPY Jyo Nama Sushi, with ten nigiri sushi made mostly with local Mashike ingredients such as sea urchin and amaebi shrimp, is the most popular menu item.

The colorful Seafood Chirashi Bowl (Matsu) (2,800 JPY) is the owner's recommendation. The unique sweetness and rich essence of seafood has seeped into the bowl.


2-30-1 Eiju-cho, Mashike-cho, Mashike-gun, Hokkaido


This is the largest sushi restaurant in Mashike, where many famous people have eaten. With omakase nigiri sushi (market price) of the most recommended ingredients from the catch of the day and a 1,000 JPY children's sushi plate, it is a place that people of all ages can enjoy sushi. You'll get a coupon if you finish the 3,560 JPY Jumbo Nama Chirashi bowl stacked high with seafood, so give it a try if you think you're up for it!

The Tokujo Nigiri Sushi (2,620 JPY), with toppings so thick they overflow the shari rice. You can enjoy Hokkaido's seasonal flavors whole.

The Uniebidon (3,000 JPY), a bowl that combines plump and meaty sea urchin and creamy Mashike amaebi shrimp. One bite and an elegant sweetness fills the mouth.


1-22 Benten-cho, Mashike-cho, Mashike-gun, Hokkaido

Sushi Chu

This is an established Mashike sushi restaurant popular among the locals. The sushi with carefully selected ingredients that are as fresh as if they were just caught and the pleasing shari rice with a soft acidity are outstanding items in which the sushi chef's skills shine. The Tokujo Sushi, which is popular among customers of all ages, includes ten sushi with ingredients such as plump ikura salmon roe that are shiny like rubies and salty kazunoko herring roe with a crunchy texture.

The Tokujo Sushi (2,376 JPY), with freshly caught ingredients. The super fresh seafood has deep flavors that delight the senses.

The seafood bowl (1,944 JPY) filled with seasonal seafood. The carefully presented seafood is so fresh you may expect them to jump around in the mouth!


2-43 Benten-cho, Mashike-cho, Mashike-gun, Hokkaido

If you go to Mashike, be sure to have sushi and seafood bowls to thoroughly enjoy the seafood of a port town! [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 06.07.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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