Don’t Miss Them If You Come to Furano! 3 Handpicked Sweet Shops

One of the things you can definitely look forward to when touring the area of Furano are the sweets. Furano is known as a place that has no shortage in ultra-fine ingredients such as milk, cheese, butter and azuki beans, so you can always expect to find delicious sweets if you visit! So, if you really head to Furano, then here are three shops that you must check out to try their products, as not doing so would be such a waste.

Kashi Kobo Furano Delice

Opened in 2001, Furano Delice began when its founder moved to Furano from Tokyo in hopes of “creating truly sumptuous sweets using Hokkaido’s delicious butter, fresh cream and other dairy products, and wheat flour, fresh eggs and other superb ingredients that are grown or raised in the Furano area.” Thereafter, it has quickly transformed into a patisserie with a wide array of products that appeal to all customers.

The cute triangular roof of this patisserie draws the attention of passersby. On a clear day, you can even enjoy tea and sweets while relaxing on the terrace at the open deck of the shop.

The Double Fromage (1,944 JPY) is a famous sweet in the long and best sellers that represent this shop. It is a two-layered cake composed of a flavor-rich cheesecake made with Hokkaido-produced cream cheese, topped with a thin, soft layer of mascarpone cheese mousse. It showcases the superb combination of two cheeses with totally different tastes that complement each other by drawing out their respective goodness.

The Furano Milk Purin (Furano Milk Pudding) (324 JPY) is a rich pudding that uses the local Furano milk that is only produced in Furano. This delicacy has been getting rave reviews for its wonderful taste that comes from the use of non-homogenized milk. You can also taste the exquisite flavors of beet sugar that is rich in minerals, fresh eggs from Hokkaido, and vanilla beans.

Junichiro Sasahara from the patisserie said that, “The concept of our shop is a place where you can enjoy sweets that are made with the freshest ingredients you can find in Furano and Hokkaido anytime, in an atmosphere that resembles that confectionery workshop beside your house.”

Aside from the two sweets featured here, this shop’s racks are also filled with a diverse lineup of sweets and pastries such as chocolate pastries, baked goodies and fresh sweets. You can also enjoy the sweets together with Furano Delice’s original blend of home-brewed coffee inside the shop.

Kashi Kobo Furano Delice

2156-1 Shimo-Goryo, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

Kashi Tsukasa SHINYA

Kashi Tsukasa SHINYA is a well-established confectionery store that opened in 1954 and has long been loved by the locals. Aside from the traditional manju (steamed yeast bun with filling) and baked sweets, this shop has also been gaining popularity for its cheesecakes and cheese pastries that use local ingredients from Furano and evoke a feel of the northern provinces.

This shop is located at the heart of the city, close to Furano Station. There is also an eat-in area inside this store.

The Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake (1,296 JPY for a whole cake) is a baked rare cheesecake that is inspired by the “yukidoke” (thawing snow) of Furano. It is made of four layers, comprising, from the top, fluffy melting fresh cream, baked cream cheese, special yamabudo (wild mountain grapes) jam with refreshing and tart blueberries inside, and crunchy pâte sucrée (sweet, crumbly crust), and then surrounded by cinnamon-flavored shortbread on the side. It is a magical dessert that is rich, but has that refreshing taste to it.

The Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake actually needs three days to make. On the first day, the base and sides of the cake are blank-baked once. On the second day, the jam is put at the bottom layer, and Furano milk is mixed with the rich cream cheese and then spread inside the cake mold, after which the cake is baked again. A staff from the shop said that, “The trick in making the cheesecake is not to bake it completely, but up to 80-85% baked only.” Thereafter, the cake is quickly frozen at minus 55℃ and made to rest for one night. On the third day, the cream that is made by mixing fresh cream and milk is spread on top of the cake in a form that looks like new snow. It really resembles the thawing snow of Furano.

This is the mini version of the Furano Yukidoke Cheesecake (250 JPY). Aside from this, the other cakes that come in mini sizes are chocolate, matcha, strawberry and salted caramel.

This is the Heso no O-manju (navel-shaped steamed yeast bun with filling) (95 JPY per piece) that is named after Furano, which is known as the “heso no machi” (belly button town) for being located at the center of Hokkaido. Its sponge cake exterior is filled with a semisweet red bean paste. The bean paste uses shumari azuki beans from Hokkaido’s Biei region, while the sponge cake uses Furano-produced wheat flour. This delicacy has been a huge bestseller since it debuted in the market in 1974.

Kashi Tsukasa SHINYA

4-7 Asahimachi, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

Petit Fleur

The last shop on this list is Petit Fleur, a quaint confectionery store that is located at the foot of a ski resort. It can be adequately classified as a veteran shop, having been opened in the area in 1985. In reality, however, the owner of this store now is already from the third generation of the family of owners. The shop that preceded the current shop, and the shop before that, had sold Japanese sweets. But when it moved to its present location, it has come to be known as a shop selling Western-style sweets that is famous for its cheese pies and waffles.

The Furano Cheese Pie (130 JPY per piece) is characterized by its robust filling that uses cheddar cheese infused with the special Furano Red Wine. At first bite, you would think that it is just a pie with white bean paste, but the more you chew, the more the richness of the cheese, the taste of the red wine and the flavors of the butter on the pie will fuse and spread in you mouth. It is so good that without knowing it, you have already opened the next pack.

The Furano Color no Sweet Potato (Furano colored sweet potato) (216 JPY per 100g) is a dessert that combines custard cream made from Furano Milk, with sweet potato paste that is created by mixing purple sweet potato, butter and fresh cream. The mystery of this pastry is that while it has a rich taste, it also has a refreshing taste that comes from the natural sweetness and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The sweet potato also comes in a vivid lavender color. (Advance order needs to be made at least a day ahead)

The Furano Gyunyu Waffle (Furano milk waffle) (comes in a total of 18 flavors) is a mild, soft waffle that is made with Furano Milk and Furano-made butter. With its fluffy palate and mild whipped cream that is not too sweet, you probably will eat a few pieces in one sitting. Shown on the picture are waffles in the following flavors: Furano Budo Juice (Furano grape juice) (205 JPY, front in the photo) with a hint of bittersweet taste, the Ogura (azuki bean paste) (195 JPY, top-left in the photo) that is the basic flavor of Japanese sweets, and the classic Nama Cream (fresh cream) (184 JPY, top-right in the photo).

Masahiro Takeda, owner of the shop, said that, “Having been blessed by bountiful ingredients here in Furano, we want to create sweets that are delicious and safe, which everybody can regularly enjoy.”

Petit Fleur

4-65 Kitanomine-cho, Furano-shi, Hokkaido

The three establishments featured in this article are three so-called sweet spots in Furano. These are all priceless spots where you can drop in for a break on your drive, get some take-out when you feel hungry, and of course, buy souvenirs to take home with you. [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.12.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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