4 Garden and Cafe Spots in Tokachi for Relaxing Among Flowers and Verdure!

However you want to put it, Hokkaido has a huge garden! And if there’s one thing that’s great about this region, it’s that there many spots where cafes have been put up next to gardens. So, if you’re one of those people who want to unwind in a cafe while surrounded by seasonal flowers and trees on a clear day, then here are four of the best gardens in Tokachi that you must check out!

Shichiku Garden

Shichiku Garden is a place that lets guests enjoy different flowers to the fullest every season at the flower gardens where about 2,500 types of flowers blossom on 12 areas. It is also famous for the sale of a wide variety of flower seedlings, as well as its restaurant that offers an extensive lineup of tasty dishes and sweets. Here, you can enjoy smoothies and other drinks, as well as soft-serve ice cream while sitting on any of the outdoor benches that are surrounded by flowers. If you come in early summer, you will see colorful pallets of flowerbeds that boast of 40,000 tulips of around 300 varieties! Further, this is the place to enjoy the breakfast buffet that is very famous at Shichiku Garden!

Here, the breakfast buffet that guests are raving about features more than 30 kinds of dishes and food items. Priced at 1,620 JPY, this buffet is available from 8:00 am through 10:00 am (reservation required). Reservations for individual guests are now being accepted, too, so how about getting up early to make it to this buffet?

Shichiku Garden

107 Nishi 4-sen, Biei-cho, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido

Tokachi Millennium Forest

Comprised of four gardens with different themes, Tokachi Millennium Forest is a vast forest located at the base of the Hidaka mountain range. The Meadow Garden that was created over a 400 sq.m. land with flowering plants as inspiration and the Earth Garden with beautiful rolling lawn have been selected as the “most beautiful gardens in the world” in Japan at the SGD Awards 2012 sponsored by the Society of Garden Designers!
At the cafe on the garden that is recognized for its beauty around the world, you have to taste the Cheese Plate (with a small bread and mini drink) (1,100 JPY). This dish comes with four kinds of cheeses, including the goat cheese from the cheese workshop Nochiyu at Tokachi Millennium Forest. The dish shown on the photo is arranged in conjunction with the rose season. So, go for a stroll in the garden and drop in at Cafe Raurau.

Tokachi Millenium Forest

Minami 10-sen, Haobi, Shimizu-cho, Hokkaido

Manabe Garden

Manabe Garden is a circuit-style stroll garden that is comprised of three smaller gardens, namely the Nihon Teien (Japanese-style garden), Seiyo-fu Teien (Western-style garden) and Fukeishiki Teien (landscape-style garden). If you visit this garden that has been open for 50 years since 1966, you will be able to see tremendously high trees and a wide array of plants. The collection of plants keeps on growing each year, with more than 1,000 different varieties blooming today at the very least.
In 2016, Obihiro’s famous joint, Cafe Green, has also opened an outlet in this garden. At this cafe, you can taste the Nama Ham to Mascarpone no Sando (1,080 JPY), a sandwich using croissant bread made with Tokachi-harvested wheat, filled with ham, vegetables, basil sauce and mascarpone sauce. So, how about trying this sandwich while enjoying this impressive garden?

Manabe Garden

Rokka no Mori

Rokka no Mori is a garden in Nakasatsunai-mura where the flowering plants printed on the flower-patterned wrapping paper of Rokkatei come in bloom from season to season. The vast 100,000 sq.m. property is dotted with art museums in old houses brought over from Croatia, with these museums mounting exhibits featuring the art works of artists that are deeply associated with Hokkaido and Tokachi, such as Naoyuki Sakamoto.
Inside this garden, you will also find the Hamanashi Rest House & Shop, where the Dry Curry Set (1,000 JPY) is highly recommended. This set is an extremely satisfying course that features dry curry made from the shop’s original recipe, salad, Rokka no Mori yogurt and drink.

Rokka no Mori

249-6, Tokiwa-nishi 3-sen, Nakasatsunai-mura, Hokkaido

If you happen to go on a trip to Tokachi, please try to indulge in vast gardens by taking a stroll and spending an elegant, relaxing time in a cafe. [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.05.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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