Hokkaido is the northernmost area of Japan, an area where you can enjoy nature and cuisine. In the spring and summer, and wide natural areas, and in the winter, you can ski and snowboard.Each area has different characteristics, like Sapporo being Hokkaido's largest city; Hakodate, known for beautiful night scenery and sunrises; Otaru, home to canals and glass factories; Shiretoko, a natural World Heritage site; and Furano, famous for lavender fields. Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa is famous for their exhibits where you can see animals living in their natural habitat, and the winter-only (when there's fallen snow) penguin march is a must-see. Hokkaido is also an area for cuisine, such as fresh seafood like crab, uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe), scallops, and salmon, used in sushi; Genghis Khan, a type of lamb and mutton barbecue; ramen; sweets made with regional butter and milk like Marusei Butter Sandwiches and Shiroi Koibito; and various flavors of soft-serve ice cream.
Hokkaido is very large, so it would be good to go on a long trip or after narrowing down which areas you'll visit.



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