Terms and Conditions, etc.

Notes (excerpts from the terms and conditions)

Important notice related to the contract details of Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi Service (hereinafter “JWSIM Service”) and Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi-0 Service (hereinafter “JWSIM-0 Service”)

* This notice is an informative translation of important clauses extracted from the contract conditions (original) of the “Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi Service Contract (Japanese) and the Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi-0 Service Contract (Japanese).”

* If this notice has an inconsistency with the original conditions, priority is given to the latter.

  • JWSIM Service and JWSIM-0 Service are dedicated to data communications. The user cannot make voice calls. Only SMS reception is available.
  • Basic charges: JWSIM Service: 1,080 JPY (including tax)/Initial high speed data communication volume: 0 MB
    JWSIM-0 Service: Free/Initial high speed data communication volume: From 100 MB
  • Purchase data charges (high speed data communication volume: JPY 216 (tax-included) for 100 MB; JPY 756 (tax-included) for 500 MB; JPY 1,296 (tax-included) for 1 GB)
    • The communication speed is high as long as there is high speed data communication remaining. If there is no high speed data communication remaining, communication speed will switch to 128 kbps.
  • With regard to the application for the Japan Welcome SIM service, only when purchased at the time of application for contract, high-speed data can be purchased at JPY 756 (tax-included) for 600 MB; JPY 1,296 (tax-included) for 1.2 GB; JPY 1,944 (tax-included) for 2 GB
  • In addition, high speed data communication is given when the user views a campaign or PR video clip, downloads an application, or answers a questionnaire on the JWSIM Service and JWSIM-0 Service website (hereinafter “Website”). The conditions for granting communication data volume are displayed on the Website.
    • The campaign, clip, application, and questionnaire lineups, as well as the data acquisition requirements, may vary depending on the user attributes and periods.
  • Before making an application for JWSIM Service or JWSIM-0 Service, the applicant shall be issued a d ACCOUNT and register an email address.
  • To pay the charges for JWSIM Service or JWSIM-0 Service and to purchase data, the user has to have a credit card (VISA, Master, American Express, or JCB).
    • Even if no charge is necessary to pay when making an application for JWSIM Service because of the use of a coupon code or JWSIM-0 Service, the contractor shall register its credit card for personal authentication.
    • You cannot apply for JWSIM-0 Service if the number of SIM cards lent by the Company reaches the maximum limit.
  • Regarding JWSIM-0 Service, we will not lend a SIM card to you, even after you make an application, when the number of the cards prepared by our Company reaches the maximum limit specified on our website.
  • Regarding JWSIM-0 Service, the maximum limit of SIM cards to be lent, or a place where you can receive the SIM card, may change without notice. In this case, information after the change shall be as provided on our website.
  • JWSIM Service and JWSIM-0 Service are limited to those who are 20 years old or older, and those who make an application personally.
  • Please visit HERE to find a place where you can receive the SIM card.
  • You can exchange the SIM card and start the data communication within 150 days starting from the day of completion application in case of applying by April 14, 2019 (JST), and the service will be automatically cancelled on the 151st day. In case of applying on or after April 15, 2019 (JST), the period is 90 days, and the service will be automatically cancelled on the 91st day.
  • The availability period of data communication service is 15 days from the date you start using the service (inclusive), and the service period will automatically expire on the 16th day. In addition, during the campaign starting from October 9, 2018, the availability period will extend to 20 days, which will automatically expire on the 21st day.

    *The end date of this promotion will be published on our website no later than 150 days prior to that date.

    • Even if you make additional purchases and charges during the service period, your service period for the data communication cannot be extended.
  • Although the maximum speed under the high speed data communication service is 988 Mbps (down-stream)/75 Mbps (up-stream), we cannot guarantee this as a real-world speed. The data communication speed may degrade depending on the terminal, telecommunication facilities in the area, and whether the network is congested, etc.
  • Although the maximum speed under the low speed data communication service (128 kbps-communication) is 128 kbps for both up-stream and down-stream, we cannot guarantee this as a real-world speed. The data communication speed may degrade depending on the terminal, telecommunication facilities in the area, and whether the network is congested, etc.
  • You can only use our services in the areas that we provide the LTE and FOMA (3G) services. You may not be able to use our services if you are in a place that is too distant from our base stations, or where our telecommunication signal cannot reach due to, for example, radio disturbance caused by near-by buildings and structures.
  • JWSIM Service and JWSIM-0 Service can use the wireless IP access service.
  • Communication related to the use of the wireless access IP service can be performed only when the mobile wireless equipment connected to the telecommunication line is located within its operating area. However, even within such operating area, you may not be able to use the wireless IP access service if it is difficult for our telecommunication signal to reach you, JWSIM Service is not available due to discontinuation of the service, or it is unavoidable due to the maintenance or construction of telecommunications facilities.
  • The conditions of data communication, restrictions and discontinuation of the use of data communication, and obligations of the contractor pertaining to the connection and use of self-managed terminal equipment or self-managed telecommunication facilities, shall be in accordance with the provisions of the wireless IP communication network service contract.
  • JWSIM Service and JWSIM-0 Service are only available in Japan.
  • You can use JWSIM Service and JWSIM-0 Service with a SIM lock-free terminal that meets the following criteria (please check the specification of your terminal by yourself before making an application):
    • The provider of the SIM card used for your terminal in your home country has executed a roaming partnership contract with DOCOMO, or your terminal is certified to conform to the technical standards;
    • The terminal you plan to use with our SIM card supports any of the following frequencies:
      LTE: Band1/3/19/21/28; FOMA (3G): Band I/VI/XIX
  • Once you pay the service fee, we cannot refund it regardless of whether you use JWSIM Service or JWSIM-0 Service or not.
  • If you would like to terminate the contract during the service period, please visit and proceed on the Website.
  • If any provision of the contract of JWSIM Service or JWSIM-0 Service changes, we will immediately upload such change on the Website.
  • This service ends on September 30, 2019 (JST). Consequently, new applications will not be accepted after June 13, 2019 (JST).
  • Regardless of notices on other websites or documents, the information described on this website and the Terms and Conditions will be applied.

Also you can confirm your contract details on the Website. (Please visit the URL indicated below, and then go to “Log-in” --> “Menu” --> “Customer Information.”)

◆ URL of the Website ◆


Treating personal information

NTT DOCOMO, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “DOCOMO”) will treat the personal information of its customers in the appropriate manner in accordance with DOCOMO’s Privacy Policy (https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/utility/privacy/)and Handling of Personal Information in Telecommunications Business (https://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/utility/privacy/communication/index.html)(hereinafter referred to as “DOCOMO’s Privacy Policy”).

  1. DOCOMO will collect the personal information of a customer listed in Item 3 when the customer applies for this Service. Any customer who does not provide the necessary personal information may be unable to use all or a portion of this Service.
  2. This Service will be provided in Japan. If the customer applied for this Service outside of Japan or lives in a country with a Personal Information Protection Law that is different from the Law in Japan, then said customer will be required to agree to the following points.
    • The transmission of the personal information of the customer to Japan when applying for this Service is required and essential in this Service.
    • By agreeing to DOCOMO’s Privacy Policy and Handling of Personal Information, the customer expressly agrees to the transmission of his/her personal information to Japan, and to the processing of his/her personal information in Japan by DOCOMO and DOCOMO’s contractors.
  3. DOCOMO will use the following personal information of customers for the purposes defined in DOCOMO’s Privacy Policy and for the following purposes.
    <Information to be Collected>
    Name, sex, date of birth, country of origin (country of residence), language/s used, address in country of residence (home country), address of accommodations/lodging (Japan), passport information, email address, number of visits to Japan in the past, travel information for current visit (type of trip, companion/s, purposes), information on interests, annual income, credit card number, expiration date of credit card, security code
    <Purpose of Use>
    • To contact the customer to notify him/her of the approval of his/her application to this Service and to provide him/her with other services
    • To distribute information that matches the attributes of the customer following the provision of this Service, and to implement measures such as conduct surveys
    • To create information and statistical information in which the identity of the customer is made anonymous, and use that information in the execution of DOCOMO’s businesses
  4. DOCOMO may check the status of communication and browsing history of the customer in relation to this Service for such purposes as providing this Service and computing the communication charges incurred in this Service.
  5. DOCOMO may entrust the handling of the personal information of customers to a third party to the extent necessary to execute the purposes listed in Items 3 and 4.
  6. DOCOMO may provide information and statistical information (hereinafter referred to as “Statistical Information, etc”), which was processed to ensure that specific individuals cannot be identified based on the customer’s personal information, to the Business Partners, advertisers, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Business Partners”) of DOCOMO in Japan and overseas in relation to this Service. DOCOMO’s Business Partners may use the Statistical Information, etc. for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the services each of them provides, and developing new services.
  7. The customer may check, correct and delete his/her personal information on the website of this Service. Note, however, that in the event that the customer deletes his/her personal information, the contract pertaining to the use of this Service will also end and the customer will become unable to use this Service.
  8. In this Service, DOCOMO uses DOCOMO’s cookies and third parties’ cookies below. For more information about details including purposes of using cookies, please click the following link:

    <Third party cookies (name of web analytics service)>
    • D.A.Consortium Inc. (Audience One);
    • Google Inc. (Google Analytics, Google Optimize 360); and
    • Quantum Metric Inc. (Quantum Metrics).
  9. In this Service, links to surveys conducted by DOCOMO’s Business Partners will be uploaded. DOCOMO will use parameters for awarding high-speed data to customers in this Service corresponding to the status of the customer’s response to said surveys. The parameters will not contain any information that will specify or identify customers. DOCOMO will use the parameters to verify the customer’s status of response to surveys.

Date of enactment: July 1, 2017
Date of revision: May 24, 2018

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