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What is NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi?

A public Wi-Fi service provided by the mobile carrier with the most customers in Japan*
Inserting a SIM enables you to use secure Wi-Fi without authentication

Problems with free Wi-Fi in Japan

  • Troublesome certification Since each Wi-Fi access point requires certification and setup, following this process every time can be very troublesome.
  • Concerns about security Anyone can use free Wi-Fi, so there is concern about its security.
  • Too few access points Since Japan has a small amount of free Wi-Fi, it is very hard to find access points.

Advantages of Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi

  • Once connection setup is complete Connections are established automatically in a service area.
    Learn the setup method.
  • Secure and safe Wi-Fi This service is highly reliable because it is offered by mobile carriers.
  • There are over 100,000 access points This sticker is the access point symbol.
    Search for Wi-Fi service areas

* Investigation conducted by the Telecommunications Carriers Association as of December 2017

Free top up

You can save high speed data by watching videos related to tourism, answering questionnaires, downloading applications, and seeing articles.

Watching videos

Seeing articles

Answer questionnaires

Downloading application

A Top up is available

You can buy additional high speed data anytime by choosing it at the website.

(including tax)

(including tax)

(including tax)

Unlimited use for 20 days

Even if your high speed data is exhausted, you can use data at 128 kbps for 20 days after activation.

Special to data communications

This service does not present telephone calls, but you can make such a call via an SNS.
Note that the SMS is limited to reception.

3 in 1 SIM

You can cut one SIM card out of three sizes: standard, micro, and nano.
Use the size suitable to your smartphone.

Easy setup

Unlike other prepaid SIMs, this one is easy to use for anyone because no difficult APN setup is necessary.