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How to activate

  1. English Instruction and agreement
  2. Instruction (simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Korean)
  3. Clip (which is used to remove the SIM card)
  4. 3 in 1 SIM (standard, micro, and nano)

Exchanging SIM cards


Turn OFF your device, and then take off the SIM card.
To open the card tray, use the enclosed clip.


Cut out the new SIM card of the same size as the SIM card you took off in Step1.

*Once you cut it out, the size of the SIM card cannot be changed.

*Do not dispose of the backing of 3 in 1 SIM because it shows a telephone number necessary for activation.


Insert the card with its back and front in mind, and turn ON your device.


This varies depending on OS and smartphone types.

Setup for Android


Turn the Airplane mode OFF.


Turn Wi-Fi OFF.


Turn the Cellular Data ON.

Choose Mobile Networks and turn the Mobile Data ON.

Setup for iOS


Turn the Airplane mode OFF.


Turn Wi-Fi OFF.


Turn ON the Cellular Data switch.

Cellular>Turn the Cellular Data ON.

Cellular Data Options> Enable 4G, and then choose Data Only.



Make sure Wi-Fi is OFF, and then use a browser, such as Google Chrome or Safari, to connect with the activation website.

* The connection requires Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi to be inserted into your device.

* If the connection fails, please have a look here.


Login with your d ACCOUNT
(e-mail adress and password you registered in the application for Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi)

If you cannot remember your password or your d ACCOUNT is locked, you can reissue the password here.

*The connection requires access to the Internet via Wi-Fi or other means.


Enter the 11-digit phone number shown on the back of the SIM card, and press the Send SMS button.
An SMS is sent to your smartphone.

* If you use iPad or another tablet that cannot receive such a message, use a device that can receive it for activation, and after that, return to the terminal in question.

When you do not know the telephone number due to the disposal of the SIM card backing, get it by using the following method.
(It varies depending on smartphones.)

<Android users>
Settings> About Device> my phone number (0x0-xxxx-xxxx).

<iPhone users>
Choose Phone> Contacts> My Number (0x0-xxxx-xxxx).


Enter the 6-digit number sent to your device.
Push the OK button to complete the activation.

The following SMS appears.

Phone Number Registration
[Verification Code]
******(6 digits)
[Expiration Date]
MM/DD hh:mm

If the input of the 6-digit number cannot establish communications, click here.

FAQ (about activation)

  • The SIM is not recognized or no network status icon appears.
    • The message “No SIM is inserted” appears.
    • No network status icon appears.
    • None of 3G, 4G, and LTE appears.
    • The X symbol appears next to the network status icon position.

    If those problems above apply to you, make checks as follows:

    • Your smartphone is an unlocked. (if the SIM PIN lock code appears on the terminal, contact the seller. You cannot use this service.)
    • The SIM card shall be inserted in the correct direction.
    • If your smartphone is available more than one SIM, remove all other than Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi.
    • Restart your smartphone.

    <Android only>
    When the problem persists regardless of the corrective actions above, conduct the following:

    • Choose Settings, Connection, Mobile Network, Network Mode, and 3G/GSM in order.
  • It fails to connect with the activation website (

    Make checks as follows:

    1. Check your smartphone for settings.
      • The airplane mode is OFF.
      • Wi-Fi is OFF.
      • Mobile Data is ON.
      • If your smartphone available more than one SIM, remove all other than Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi.

      <Android only> Settings shall be given to APN (not blank).

      • If the APN field is blank, you need to create a dummy APN as follows:
        NAME (APN name): jws
        APN: jws
      • It is not necessary to set up the other items.
      • The item names vary depending on the smartphone model.
    2. Check the URL of the activation website (

      Make checks as follows:

      • http is followed by s.
      • The last character of URL is /.
      • Your entry does not have errors in spelling or spaces.
    3. Check the maintenance time.

      Make checks as follows:

      • It is not maintenance time.
        Regular maintenance: 10:30 PM on every Tuesday to 8:30 AM on the next day (Japanese time)
      • From the menus, choose Notifications to check ad hoc maintenance.
        Ad hoc maintenance may be conducted without prior notice.
        For more information, see the notifications.

      <When you fail to log in to the system with your d ACCOUNT> Make checks as follows:

      • You may enter your ID and password in single-byte characters.
      • The entries does not have a space between characters or at the end.

      *If you cannot remember the password of your d ACCOUNT or the latter is locked, please reset a password.
      Access to the website for resetting the password of a d ACCOUNT requires Wi-Fi or mobile connections.

  • Connections with the activation website are successful, but the activation fails.

    If the following conditions apply to you, the activation is not successful. Please contact here.

    • Your d ACCOUNT used during application is already registered with a different telephone number.
    • You applied with the d ACCOUNT which is used for another service provided by DOCOMO.

    If you do not match the conditions above, make checks as follows:

    1. When you cannot receive a 6-digit one-time password via SMS
      • Make sure the SIM telephone number entered is correct.
      • The number shall consist of 11 digits beginning with any of 070, 080, and 090.
      • All the numerals should be a single-byte.
      • The number does not have neither a space nor a hyphen between numerals or at the end.

      <How to check the telephone number>

      • Use the telephone number shown in the back of the SIM.
      • Search your smartphone for the telephone number.
        Make sure Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi is inserted.

        <Android> * The method may vary depending on the smartphone model. Settings > About Phone > Status > Telephone No. (0x0-xxxx-xxxx)

        <iOS> Phone > Contacts > your telephone No. (0x0-xxxx-xxxx)

      • Your smartphone is able to use SMS.

        *Terminals including iPad shall not be used because they cannot receive a message via SMS.

        *With such terminals, you cannot activate the SIM. After using a SMS-able smartphone to complete the activation, you can use this service with your SMS-disabled smartphone.

    2. When connections fail though you enter a one-time password
      • Make sure your entry is correct.

        *The 6-digit one-time password received via SMS is entered correctly.

        *You entered the password of six single-byte numerals.

        *Although you enter a wrong password, the message “A request for activation has been received” appears on the screen. If no communications are established more than 10 minutes, send a new message via SMS and reenter the one-time password received.

  • Although I have taken all the measures above, the problem still persists.

    If the problem persists although you have taken all the measures above, restart your smartphone and try the activation again.
    If the problem still persists, click here to display the inquiry form, enter the following information, and send the form to us.
    Inquiries are only available after applying.

    1. Model name of your smartphone (e.g. iPhone XX or Galaxy XX)
    2. Telephone number of Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi
    3. Date and time at which the problem occurred
    4. Problem occurring conditions
    5. Screenshot of the error code (if available)

If the activation fails although you see FAQ, please contact us by following the steps below.
Login> menu> FAQ> Miscellaneous> My issue was not resolved by the FAQ