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Acceptance of new applications for this service ended on June 13, 2019 (JST).
In addition, customers who have already applied can continue to use the service as usual.

Uniqueness of Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi


You can use 4G (LTE) all over Japan.

After you insert the SIM into your smartphone, it connects to NTT DOCOMO's 4G (LTE) system for 20 days.
The downstream and upstream communication speeds are up to 988 Mbps and 75 Mbps respectively.


NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi is available in over 100,000 locations all over Japan

Your smartphone can easily connect to NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi with no additional cost by inserting the SIM.

There are over 100,000 access points across Japan!
You can use the high-security NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi at a variety of places, such as airports, sightseeing spots, cafes, and convenience stores.

Your high speed data does not decrease while using Wi-Fi.

What is Wi-Fi?

Even if your data is exhausted, you can get free top up.

When high speed data is insufficient, you can get free top up by seeing advertisements related to tourism.

You can also buy high speed data for a charge.

Examples of free top ups

  • Answer questionnaires
  • Watching Videos
  • Downloading application
Check the detailed specifications.

5 plans

Plan S
  • Basic charge1,080JPY($9.6)
  • High speed data chargeNone
  • PresetNone

Plan for users who want to use their plan advantageously by saving data through viewing advertisements

Preset data volume:
0 MB

1,080 JPY ($9.7)

You can use your smartphone at a communication speed of 128 kbps regardless of your data volume.

End of Sale
Plan M
  • Basic charge1,080JPY($9.6)
  • High speed data charge756JPY
  • Preset600MB

Plan for light users who does not often consume data

Preset data volume:
600 MB

1,836 JPY ($16.5)

  • Web browsing
    2,000 pages

  • Map
    600 times

  • Video
    300 minutes

End of Sale
Plan L
  • Basic charge1,080JPY($9.6)
  • High speed data charge1,296JPY
  • Preset1.2GB

Most popular standard plan

Preset data volume:
1.2 GB

2,376 JPY ($21.4)

  • Web browsing
    4,200 pages

  • Map
    1,200 times

  • Video
    610 minutes

End of Sale
Plan XL
  • Basic charge1,080JPY($9.6)
  • High speed data charge1,944JPY($27.2)
  • Preset2GB

Plan for heavy users who consume a large amount of data

Preset data volume:
2 GB

3,024 JPY ($27.2)

  • Web browsing
    7,000 pages

  • Map
    2,050 times

  • Video
    1,000 minutes

End of Sale
Limited Offer
Plan 0
  • Basic chargeNone
  • High speed data chargeNone
  • Preset100MB~

Plan for users who want to use communications free of charge by completing missions.

Preset data volume:
From 100 MB


The preset data volume varies depending on the Plan 0 chosen.
Learn more
End of Sale
  • *Every price displayed includes tax.
  • *As a guide, the corresponding USD appears (on 09 01, 2018).
  • *The prices vary depending on country, region, and exchange rate.
  • *All of the plans allow you to use communications via NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi or at a communication speed of 128 kbps.
  • *We are now running a promotion, allowing you to use the service on every plan for 20 days after you activate it.

Why Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi?

Company A Company B Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi
Prices 3,480JPY 5,292JPY / 8,316JPY 1,080JPY / 1,836JPY / 2,376JPY / 3,024JPY
Preset high speed data volume 5GB 3GB / 7GB 0MB / 600 MB / 1.2 GB / 2 GB
Topping up the high speed data volume Only a top up Only a top up Fee and No fee
Public Wi-Fi options Not available Not available Using over 100,000 Wi-Fi spots without limit across Japan
When your high speed data is exhausted Communications disabled Communications disabled Using data without limit at 128 kbps
Service period 21days 30days 20days

How it works

In your country



Create an ID (d ACCOUNT) at the application website, choose a plan and SIM exchange place, and make an application with your credit card.
A SIM exchange code is issued.

Check the application procedures

Those who want to get high speed data

You can get high speed data free of charge by watching moving images and articles related to tourism.

In Japan


Exchange the SIM

You can exchange the SIM at an airport exchange or other by showing the staff your SIM exchange code (QR code).

Check the list of SIM exchange places

Start to use the service by exchanging the SIM (activation)

You can use the service by replacing the SIM of your smartphone with ours.This simple setup allows you to use the service soon.

Check the activation method
End of Sale

Where You Can Get the SIM

Naha New-Chitose Narita Haneda Kansai Fukuoka Chubu
Naha New-Chitose Narita Haneda Kansai Fukuoka Chubu

SIM Exchange Airports

This service covers airports used by 90 percent of visitors to Japan.

See the list of SIM exchange places


  • This is a service designed specifically for data communication. Voice calls are not included in this service. SMS is available only for receiving messages.
  • There is an option to connect to Wi-Fi with this service. You can connect to DOCOMO Wi-Fi at DOCOMO Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Please carry out activation in order to use the Wi-Fi service.
  • To apply for this service, you need to set up a “d ACCOUNT” and register your email address.
  • Payment for this service should be made with a credit card.
  • You must be 20 years old or older to apply for this service. (Application should only be made under your personal name.)
  • This service is available only in Japan.
  • You can use this service with a SIM free or unlocked terminal, or with a terminal sold by us.
  • You can exchange the SIM card and start the data communication within 150 days starting from the day of completion application in case of applying by April 14, 2019 (JST), and the service will be automatically cancelled on the 151st day. In case of applying on or after April 15, 2019 (JST), the period is 90 days, and the service will be automatically cancelled on the 91st day.
  • Data communication is available for 15 days starting from the day you start using it, and is automatically cancelled on the 16th day. As a promotion, from October 9th 2018, this service will be available for 20 days and automatically cancelled on the 21st day. * The end date of this promotion will be published on our website no later than 150 days prior to that date.
  • If you wish to cancel the contract before the end of the service period, please request by going to: login > menu > customer information > SIM application cancellation.
  • We will not refund the fee paid after you made application, even if you did not exchange a SIM card, or you did not use this service, or if you cancelled the contract in accordance with our prescribed procedure during the service period.
  • When executing a contract, please make sure to read "Regarding important notice about contract of Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi service and Japan Welcome SIM&Wi-Fi-0 service,” before applying for this service.
  • This service will end on September 30, 2019 (JST). Along with this, acceptance of new applications ended on June 13, 2019 (JST). Customers who have already applied can continue to use the service as usual.
  • Regardless of notices on other websites or documents, the information described on this website and the Terms and Conditions will be applied.