[Alert] Information about the Kumamoto earthquakes

This page will provide information on the April 2016 earthquakes in Kumamoto prefecture. We have gathered information relating to the Kumamoto earthquakes, including free Wi-Fi access, safety checks, and news.

[Communications]Free Wi-Fi for the Public

In the wake of the Kumamoto earthquakes, Japanese telecommunication carriers are offering free Wi-Fi service in all of Kyushu.
Anyone with a Wi-Fi-enabled cell phone can connect to the respective carrier's wireless network by selecting the "00000JAPAN" network name.
Wireless access points at evacuation centers are also being increased.

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[Communications]Communications conditions

Due to electrical outages and other problems, parts of Kumamoto and Oita prefectures have had limited or no cell phone reception since the 16th of this month. (As of April 19th, 2016.)

[Safety checks]Message board for disasters

This is a dedicated service for emergency situations where you can register your condition on mobile phones and smartphones with each carrier, allowing your condition to be sent across the internet where it can be checked by people around the world.
Please register your safety from the website of any carrier.


*To register your safety from a DOCOMO smartphone, connect to FOMA or Xi, or use the Disaster Kit’s Disaster Message Board (simplified edition).
*People can be confirmed safe from the website of any communications carrier.

Details here(Japanese)

[Safety checks]Google Person Finder

A message board for registering safety and checking safety statuses provided by Google. Safety statuses can also be checked from overseas.

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[Local information]Google disaster information map

The locations of shelters, water stations, and relief supplies spots, as well as supermarket operating information, etc. is displayed on this map. It is possible to narrow down the mapped information displayed from "Layers".

[ "Layers" explanations]
・熊本地震リソースマップ... Kumamoto earthquake resource map
・スーパー営業情報... Supermarket operating information
・炊き出し&支援物資集積地点... Emergency rice distribution & relief supplies spots
・給水所... Water stations
・給油可能ガソリンスタンド... Gasoline stands where it's possible to refuel
・営業中の銭湯・温泉... Operational sento baths / hot springs
・利用可能トイレ... Available toilets
・自動車通行実績マップ... Map of routes accessible by car
・上空からの写真... Aeriel photographs
・全国 - 避難所情報... Nationwide - Shelter information
・情報を表示... Display information

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[Disaster information]Japan Meteorological Agency 2016 Kumamoto earthquake-related information

An introduction to earthquake-related data and weather information for the disaster-stricken areas released by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

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[Disaster information]JNTO global site - Kumamoto earthquake information

Information about the Kumamoto earthquake provided by the Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO).

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[Transportation information]JR Kyushu service information

Service information for JR Kyushu.

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[Transportation information]Kyushu Norimono Info

Service (operation) information for public transportation services in Kyushu, including railways, buses, ferries, and airlines.

Details here(Japanese)

[Transportation information]Kyushu Tabi Net Earthquake-related information for Kumamoto

Earthquake-related information provided by the website operated by the Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization.

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[Other]JNTO Tourist Information Center

At JNTO Tourist Information Center (TIC), inquiries by telephone (+81-3-3201-3331) will be handled during the day(9:00am until 5:00pm), in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages.
In light of the occurrence of this earthquake, services will be provided late at night(from 5:00pm until 9:00am the next morning) as well, in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese languages.

[Other]Tokyo Bosai

The Disaster Prevention Handbook, published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Disaster Prevention Center.

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Donations to aid the victims of the Kumamoto earthquake will be accepted. All donated funds will be distributed in their entirety to donation distribution committees established at the stricken areas.

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