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[Kanagawa Prefecture exclusive] Get an extra 300MB of 4G data for free! Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi Campaign!

From NTT DOCOMO, the mobile carrier with the most customers in Japan, comes a discount prepaid SIM card for visitors to Japan! Kanagawa Prefecture visitors who use the coupon code on this page and order a Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi will receive a gift of extra 300MB of high speed data. Do not miss this chance to use a quality mobile service trusted by users all over Japan.

Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi

What is the Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi?

Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi

The Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi is a prepaid SIM service for visitors to Japan offered by the cell phone company with the most contracts in Japan. Also, your smartphone can easily connect to NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi with no additional cost by inserting the SIM.
Whether quickly uploading photos or sending messages easily to your friends while in Japan, this service will be useful for all your communication and information gathering needs during your trip.

【Details about Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi】

  • ・Apply for the SIM from your home country before your trip, then pick the SIM up at exchanging place in the airport.
  • ・Your smartphone can easily connect to NTT DOCOMO Wi-Fi with no additional cost by inserting the SIM.
  • ・As this is a 3 in 1 SIM, you can simply insert it into your phone or tablet for use right away.
  • ・No need to worry about APN settings, you can use the service immediately upon arrival.
  • ・No need to return the SIM when leaving Japan.

【About Specs and Price】

Choose from a Plan S (unlimited 128Kbps) , Plan M (600MB of high speed 4G data included), Plan L (1.2GB of high speed 4G data included) OR Plan XL (2GB of high speed 4G data included). You can recharge your data for free after purchase by watching commercials or answering surveys. (Paid additional data is also available.) Right now, Kanagawa Prefecture visitors will receive a gift of 300MB of data at the start of the service, regardless of the plan chosen. This is a special offer. (Coupon code required).

Campaign outline

  • Campaign name

    Only for Kanagawa Prefecture visitors! Apply for a Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi and receive a free gift of 300MB of high speed data!

  • Campaign details

    Customers who apply for a Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi can receive a gift of extra 300MB of data from Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • Important points

    You will not receive the extra 300MB if you fail to enter the coupon code at the time of application.

    Customers can not change their registration details (email address) or cancel the application after applying.

    May not be used in conjunction with other offers or coupons.

Don't forget to enter the coupon code below when applying for a Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi.


Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi

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Discover real Japan in Kanagawa!
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How to use the coupon

  1. STEP1

    Click the "Get the extra 300MB NOW!!" button on this website to access the Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi registration page.

  2. STEP2

    Register a "d ACCOUNT" and enter the coupon code "KNGMPMWW" in the coupon code field.
    *Important* You will not be eligible for this campaign if you forget to enter this code. We cannot refund.

  3. STEP3

    Apply for a SIM and get a gift of extra 300MB right now!

    Watch commercials and answer surveys to receive even more gifts of data!

  4. STEP4

    Receive your SIM at the exchanging place and begin using your high speed data right after activation!

Japan Welcome SIM & Wi-Fi

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