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You can experience the true Japan! A new experience program aimed towards foreign tourists visiting Japan started March 23rd, 2017!

WOW! JAPAN Experience+

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WOW! JAPAN is offering programs where you can casually participate in experiences that will allow you to feel like you’ve become an apprentice to Japanese craftsmen and experts.

<<The 3 Characteristics of WOW! JAPAN Experiences>>

★Your host are seasoned craftsmen and experts in Japanese culture or food!

★Interpreters are available for all of the experiences, so you can enjoy communicating with your hosts!

★You can make reservations and pay online, so it's smooth and easy!

Find unique and exciting experiences through us!

We're accepting testers for our most recommended experiences for a limited time only!

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Programs Available (5 Types)

[A] Small-Group Bushido Experience in Tokyo
●Experience Time:3.5 hours
●Price:¥13,000 (adult) ¥13,000 (child) Free (infant) ⇒ ¥0!
・A Special Experience For Learning About Japan's Pride, the Bushido Spirit
・You can try out a historical inscribed sword!
・You can take a photo in front of a real set of armor!

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[B] A Day with a Soba-Master in Tokyo
●Experience Time:4 hours
●Price:¥9,100 (adult) ¥4,500 (child) Free (infant) ⇒ \0!
・Make Genuine Nihachi Soba in a Traditional Japanese Home
・You can eat the soba you make right there!
・The person teaching you how to make it is an expert 85 year old soba chef with a lovely smile!

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[C] Small Group Tour with Local Organic Farmers in Tokyo
●Experience Time:5 hours *including transportation time *ending time may vary
●Price:¥12,000 (adult) ¥6,000 (child) Free (infant) ⇒ \0!
・You'll harvest pesticide-free, organic vegetables,
・Experience a Harvest in One of Japan's "Satoyama," a Lush Developed Area on a Hill with a Great View
・And after the harvest, have those vegetables with carefully chosen beef and chicken BBQ with freshly cooked rice made in a traditional pot.
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[D] Japanese Music and Drum Master Class in Tokyo
●Experience Time:3 hours
●Price:¥13,000 (adult) ¥6,250 (child) Free (infant) ⇒ \0!
・This instructor has even taught taiko drumming to the Black Eyed Peas!
・You can enjoy not just the taiko, but all kinds of traditional Japanese intstruments.
・Play instruments featuring Japan's unique sounds!

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[E] A day with a Buddhist Nun
●Experience Time:4 hours
●Price:¥12,000 (adult) Free (child) Free (infant) ⇒ \0!
・Experience Buddhism At a 400 Year Old Historical Temple Surrounded by Nature
・The head priest of this temple, a woman with a close friendwhip with the Dalai Lama, will teach you about Buddhist history and culture in an easy-to-understand way.
・It's a precious experience where you can eat lunch, have tea, and practice writing sutras with priests!
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