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Add some surprise and excitement to your Japan trip!

WOW! JAPAN is a travel information site that brings you all the fun and fascinating travel options that Japan has to offer, whether you are planning a trip there, are traveling there already, or are simply interested in Japan.

On WOW! JAPAN, you can learn about and enjoy all the information on different areas in Japan and useful travel tips in "AllGuides", as well as get to know more of the real Japan through cultural experience programs held by Japanese masters and artisans in "Experience+." In addition, you can also look up information on attractions in areas you are interested in and directions to destinations, making this a great source of information so that you can fully enjoy Japan.

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How to use this site


When you don't know where you want to go or what you want to do

That's when you need
"All Guides"

"All Guides" is a reading corner in a column-format about manners and know-how essential for travel in Japan, the latest sightseeing spots and gourmet information, and shopping areas where you can buy popular goods.
Read All Guides and you're sure to find places you'd like to go and things that you'd like t to experience!

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When you who want to experience Japanese culture

That's when you use

You can book a unique experience provided by experts and artisans acquainted with Japanese food and culture. There are 5 categories; "Nature""Farm to Table""Culture & Crafts""Cooking""City Tours". All experiences come with a translator, so you can enjoy communication with your host. You can find out about the real Japan through special experiences only brought to you by WOW! JAPAN!

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When you who want to search for the location of landmarks or local sightseeing spots in the area where you are

That's when you want

You can search for on-the-spot information about "Hotels""Food""Sightseeing""Wi-Fi""Public Restrooms", from the "Tokyo""Osaka""Kyoto" area to the area where you're currently staying in Japan.
Once you've found where you want to go, you can make a booking, and then use navigation to get you to your destination by pressing the NAVI button on the map on the location details page.

Check "Search"

Search for places you want to go and things you want to experience with WOW! JAPAN!