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On this page you will find information on cherry blossom viewing spots around the Tokyo area!
WOW! JAPAN will also inform you about cherry blossoms and hanami experience tours that can be enjoyed in Tokyo's Asakusa district, Kanagawa and other popular viewing areas.


What is a cherry blossom?

Cherry tree (cherry tree) is a generic term for deciduous trees of the genus Spider of the Rosaceae family. Sakura is a plant very familiar to Japanese culture and many of the cherry trees planted are ornamental plants in Japan, which is called Soy Yoshino. In English it is common to call the cherry blossoms as cherry blossom, but due to the influence of Japanese culture, there are also many things called "sakura." Sakura's fruit is called Sakurambo or cherry, and it is widely edible all over the world. Currently it is widely distributed mainly in the temperate zones of the northern hemisphere such as Europe, West Siberia, Japan, China, USA, and Canada.

Why Cherry Blossoms?

Sakura (cherry blossoms) are a very special flower to the Japanese. There are some theories and opinions regarding Japanese people's love for cherry blossoms, and here is one of them. In ancient Japan, it was believed that Tano Kami, the god of agriculture, resides in the sakura that scattered during spring. Harvests were foretold by the way that the flowers of the sakura trees bloomed, and preparations for seeds to be sowed were done when the flowers of the sakura trees started to bloom. Also, offerings were made, and feasts honoring sakura trees were held in hopes that there would be a good harvest for the year. These customs were passed down the ages, and it is said that the Japanese people's unconditional love towards sakura stems from this old tradition. In the Heian Period (794~1185), aristocrats often composed songs expressing their love for sakura trees and similarly held feasts as in ancient Japan. Progressively, in the Edo Period (1603~1867), going on vacations during spring became widespread, and both commoners and samurai alike would come together to do hanami together. Crowds would gather under sakura trees and drink together while enjoying the beautiful view of the scattering sakura, and it can be said that the present-day style of hanami was passed down from this era.

Cherry blossom season in Japan: March - April (average value)

Cherry blossoms is dependent on weather conditions such as temperature but in general the blossoms last a week from the first bloom period until its peak.


Experience Japanese Culture

Walk Under a Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms 3 Kilometer Long in Kanagawa!

After Passing Through the Tunnel of Cherry Blossoms, Sip Matcha in a Japanese Garden.

  • Walk along Kanagawa's Mizunashi river lined with cherry trees in full bloom.
  • Drink matcha in a tea room with a beautiful view of a Japanese garden.
  • Experience cherry blossoms and Japanese culture all in one tour.

Make traditional Japanese sweets and Matcha in Tokyo

Experience Japanese traditional Sweets making, Nerikiri and Sakura Mochi

  • Make two kinds of traditional Japanese sweets, nerikiri and sakura-mochi.
  • Learn how to make matcha green tea and the basics of Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Lessons are conducted right in the host’s home in Tokyo.

Daytime Hanami (Cherry Blossom Time) With a Local

SPECIAL LIMITED SEASONAL TOUR- Stroll the streets of this historic area of Tokyo and experience true Hanami

  • 2.5-hour tour of the back streets in Yanaka
  • Try local snacks and a sake tasting (other beverages also available)
  • Experience a real Hanami stroll with our local guide, plenty of time and tips for taking great cherry blossom photos.

Evening Hanami (Cherry Blossom) Experience with a Local

SPECIAL LIMITED SEASONAL TOUR- Stroll along a famous Blossom lined canal in Tokyo and experience true Hanami

  • 3-hour tour around the canal and trendy Nakameguro neighborhood.
  • Enjoy a tasty dinner at a local Udon-Izakaya (pub)
  • Experience a real Hanami stroll with our local guide, plenty of time and tips for taking great cherry blossom photos.

Gaze upon a Sea of Cherry Blossoms atop a Mountain in Tokyo

Cherry Blossoms, a Tea Ceremony, a Shrine, and Ramen await you on this Japanese culture extravaganza!

  • Sip Matcha on a mountain top while gazing out over a sea of cherry blossoms.
  • Gain good finical luck by visiting by Anahachimangu Shrine.
  • Take advantage of the guide’s local knowledge and learn all about the Tokyo neighborhood famous for Ramen, Takadanobaba.

A Kimono Photo-Shoot Under Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

A Must-Try Tour with Kimonos and Cherry Blossoms

  • Take the chance to wear a traditional Japanese kimono!
  • A rare photoshoot opportunity under cherry blossoms.
  • Eat delicious Japanese soba noodles.

The Ultimate Asakusa Day Tour

Cherry Blossoms, Sensoji Temple, and a Japanese Game Center All in One Day!

  • Pass under Asakusa's Kaminarimon gate on your way to Sensoji Temple.
  • After cherry blossom viewing, try classic Japanese leasure time activites such as visitng a game center, and batting cages.
  • Enjoy the specialites of Asakusa by trying food and sake at local restaurants.

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