A New Landmark in Ueno, Tokyo! A 24-Hour Yokocho Opens

FUNDES Ueno – a compact, city-style commercial facility – opened on July 26, 2017 (Wed). It is in a great location in front of JR Ueno Station, popular with foreign tourists, and is a new gourmet destination attracting numerous visitors.

Ueno Sanchoku Inshoku-gai is on the first floor of this popular new facility. It is open 24-hours a day and is in a yokocho (back alley) style with four bars serving fish, shellfish, beef and pork procured directly from the producers. It has the capacity to seat 180 people.

There are great expectations for this new yokocho, which is the 25th eatery managed directly by Yoshinori Hamakura, the restaurant producer who ignited the yokocho boom. We interviewed Moto Ando, the PR manager of Hamakura Produce Inc.

Ms. Ando explains: "Hamakura Produce Inc. has a shop facing the road on the first floor. This is because we feel that bars should be touching both the ground and the air. The yokocho was developed in accordance with Hamakura's belief that people need to be able to pass through." Ueno Sanchoku Inshoku-gai does, in fact, have two entrances so that people can easily pass through.

One surprising service is that you can go to any bar and have food brought over from any of the other bars. Ms. Ando explains: "The fish bar tends to fill up first among the bars in the yokocho. Then the shellfish bar that is popular among women, followed by the meat bars which are popular among men." Even if there are no seats left in the bar of your choice, you can have your desired food delivered, so you can freely enjoy both fish and meat dishes. The yokocho has developed a system so that customers can have their requests met without having to wait. The delivered food must be paid for in cash at the table. This cool service, which is unique to yokocho, is likely to attract a good amount of interest.

At lunchtime, each store offers teishoku (lunch sets) in addition to the regular menu. The yokocho can be utilized in a variety of different ways, such as to have a drink at any time of the day or for lunch. Yokocho are places where strangers sit together, where new connections can be made, and where a community can be created. Ueno Sanchoku Inshoku-gai is sure to evolve into a special yokocho that inherits the Ueno culture of drinking in the morning.


7-2-4 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 08.17.2017]

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