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Moon Viewing from the Highest Tower in the World! A Full Lineup of Moon-Related Events at Tokyo Skytree Town(R) in Autumn

Tokyo Skytree Town will hold various events revolving around the theme of “o-tsukimi” (moon viewing) from September 1st (Fri) to October 4th (Wednesday).

In February 2017, the moon as seen from Tokyo Skytree(R) was registered by the General Association of Night Views Convention Bureau as one of Japan’s Top 100 Most Beautiful Moon Views that the Japanese people wish to pass down to future generations. In light of that, Tokyo Skytree Town will hold a series of moon view festivals in cooperation with Vixen, a comprehensive optical equipment manufacturer of such products as astronomical telescopes, with the events set to take place on September 6th (Wed.) when there will be a full moon, September 28th (Thurs.) when there will be a waxing moon, and October 4th (Wed.) when there will be a harvest moon. Guests will be led to the Observation Deck Floor 350 of the Tokyo Skytree that is perched at 350m above ground, and will get to use telescopes to enjoy the moon, which cannot be seen anywhere else, and the nightscape of Tokyo at the same time. A moon viewing event will also be held at the Solamachi square at the 1st floor of Tokyo Skytree Town.

Further, the interior of the Tembo Galleria that is located 450m above ground will be decorated under the theme of picture scrolls. The space spanning from Tembo Galleria Welcome Area that is 445m above ground, up to the corridor that is 450m above ground, will be adorned with ornaments inspired by Taketori Monogatari (Tale of Bamboo Cutter) through a light presentation using traditional Japanese hues. Meanwhile, the turnaround point of the Tembo Galleria will be decorated with Takekaguya, or handcrafted bamboo lanterns that use real bamboos, and the Sorakara Point, the highest point of the tower that has an altitude of 451.2m, will be decorated with a full moon on which a silhouette of Tokyo Skytree is projected, and a moon viewing platform on a riverbed. With all these features, you will be able to fully marvel at the moon from the highest tower in the world.

In conjunction with the festival, there will be a talk show about the charms of the moon and celestial bodies at the Observation Deck Floor 350 at the Tokyo Skytree. Tomoe Shinohara, a celebrity who has the qualification of an Associate Astronomy Guide (R), and Ayaka Fujita, an Astronomy Guide (R) from Vixen PR, will hold the “Sora Girl” show on September 6th (Wed.) to discuss topics about the moon and celestial bodies, and emphasize the appeals of watching a starry sky. A live jazz performance will also be held by the MALTA Planet Band, a jazz band led by the saxophonist MALTA who represents Japan, at the Observation Deck Floor 350 on September 1st (Fri.), 15th (Fri.), 22nd (Fri.) and 29th (Fri.). Bask in the long autumn night on a viewing deck with the beautiful moon and nightscape at the backdrop while listing to jazz music about the moon.

SKYTREE CAFE at the Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck will offer a moon viewing menu for a limited time from September 1st (Fri.) to October 4th (Wed.). At Floor 340, the Sora no O-Tsukimi Plate (850 JPY) that is inspired by the view of the moon from Tokyo Skytree will be available, while at Floor 350, Meigetsu Cocktails (750 JPY each) based on the colors of illumination at Tokyo Skytree – Iki (blue), Miyabi (purple) and Nobori (orange) – will be served. Moon viewing sweets will also be sold at the shops in Tokyo Solamachi. You will be able to taste sweets that are only available during this season, including two types of Tsukimi Usagi Manju (rabbit-shaped steamed yeast bun with filling) (300 JPY each) at Michikusa Mochi, and Tsukimi Dango (dumplings) (648 JPY) at Asakusa Umezono that will only be sold on October 4th to commemorate the harvest moon.

Aside from the above, Tokyo Skytree will be packed with various other events. So, why not enjoy watching the moon in a location that is nothing like the rest?!

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 07.28.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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