Only in Japan! Cooling Off During a Summer Evening in the City

The Prince Park Tower Tokyo will open SUZUMUSHI CAFE in its in-house shrine, Shinmei, for a limited time starting from Tuesday, August 1. At the cafe, you can experience the uniquely Japanese custom of cooling off in the evening by listening to the sounds of bell crickets.

In the cafe, you can enjoy the cooling sounds of bell crickets in cages supplemented by background music. The Japanese-style space lit up with paper lanterns has a mystical ambience.

Enjoy a relaxing time out on the veranda with the Tokyo Tower right in front.

There is also a selection of Japanese-style sweets and refreshing jelly desserts that are only available here. The pretty food and sweets will look great posted on social media sites.

SUZUMUSHI CAFE will open for a limited time during the hot summer. Enjoy cooling down in the summer in the middle of the city.

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 07.13.2017]

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