Celebrate their Fifth Anniversary! The Three Best Views from TOKYO SKYTREE Tembo Galleria and Deck

TOKYO SKYTREE, which, at 634m-high, is the world's highest freestanding broadcasting tower, has two observation areas where you can see panoramic views of the Kanto Plains: Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria. In addition to landmark buildings in the city, you can enjoy the beauty of nature that changes with the seasons, time of day, and weather. At five years since opening, TOKYO SKYTREE is becoming even more popular, and this time, we introduce the top three views from both the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria, as recommended by TOKYO SKYTREE's public relations department.

Top 3 Views from the Tembo Deck <1> Early-Morning Mt. Fuji to the Southeast on a Clear Day

The main view from the Tembo Deck is, of course, Mt. Fuji! It is most visible early in the morning on a clear day, especially in the winter, when the air is cleaner. So be sure to check out the southwest view, which also includes Tokyo Tower and the Shinjuku skyscrapers.

Top 3 Views from the Tembo Deck <2> The Magical Few Minutes After Sunset

During the few minutes to dark after sunset, the sky turns into a vivid gradation of colors. It is particularly beautiful on a clear day in the winter, when the air is cleaner, and sometimes you can see Mt. Fuji in silhouette to the southeast.

Top 3 Views from the Tembo Deck <3> Sumida River at Night with the Shimmering Shuto Expressway

At night, Sumida River to the north looks romantic. The Shuto Expressway along the river is like bands of moving light, and the river's surface shimmers with the reflection of city lights.

The best way to feel the Tembo Deck's height is to stand on the glass floor on the 340th floor. Another famous view is the Sky Arena, which you will see far below your feet.

Top 3 Outstanding Experiences on the Tembo Galleria <1> Nighttime, When the Galleria Itself Is Lit Up

The Tembo Deck is lit up at night and feels like a spaceship. The colors are either "iki" (cool) or "miyabi" (refined) colors, depending on the lighting of the tower. Walk around enjoying the view of Tokyo shimmering in the night.

Top 3 Outstanding Experiences on the Tembo Galleria <2> Futuristic Design

The Tembo Galleria that is surrounded by glass and punctuated by white steel beams is truly another dimension! The contrast between the blue skies outside the windows and the white walkway is particularly clear on a nice day. Enjoy the futuristic space together with the views.

Top 3 Outstanding Experiences on the Tembo Galleria <3> Japan’s Highest Glass Cleaning

You're lucky if you can see the windows being cleaned. Look at the views beyond the cradle the window cleaners are riding on to get a real sense of how high 450m is. Cleaning is done six to seven times a month, so you can call in advance to find out when the next cleaning is scheduled.

The Sorakara Point, the highest point of the tower at 451.2m, is also a highlight of the Tembo Galleria. Link your hands together and get a fabulous photograph that looks like you are surrounding the tower.


1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 05.23.2017]

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