Relax With Yuru-e! Shinagawa Aquarium Holds a Yuru-ten, an Exhibit of Strange Creatures

Shinagawa Aquarium will hold a special spring exhibit, "Yuru-ten Returns - A Lethargic Festival of Shintaro Oho and Yurui Creatures" extolling the "yurui" (loose) appeal of living creatures from Saturday, March 18 through Monday, May 8.

"Yuru-ten" was held for the first time in March last year as a collaborative event with the actor, Seiichi Tanabe. This year, the comedian, Shintaro Oho, popular on Twitter as an up and coming illustrator, depicts the "yurui" looseness of living beings through his surreal illustrations. Thirteen different types of unique creatures, such as the hagfish, which is called "nuta-unagi" in Japan but is not an unagi eel and secretes a mucus when under stress, and the visually shocking spoonworms are shown with amusing illustrations that will bring a smile to your lips, and the "yurui" (loose) commentary of the caretakers.

During the exhibit, “Alien Ramen” (500 JPY) made with soup stock from warasubo (a type of eel goby), a fish that looks just like aliens, will be available in Restaurant Dolphin. Marine Shop Seagull will also sell "Warasubo Gummy" (540 JPY) that are shaped like warasubo and dried "Poripori Warasubo" (648 JPY) for a limited time.

On the opening day on Saturday, March 18, Shintaro Oho himself will be at the exhibit and there will be a "yurui" event where he may draw a portrait of you that "looks like you, but doesn't quite"!? Don't miss out on this great opportunity to see surreal illustrations and unusual creatures. [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.17.2017]

Shinagawa Aquarium

Within Shinagawa Kumin Park grounds, 3-2-1 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo

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