Enjoy Hotel Gajoen Tokyo in the Spring Casually Wearing Kimono!

Meguro Gajoen in Meguro, a multi-use complex with wedding halls, a hotel, and restaurants, is offering a "Bi to Takumi no Saiten NADESHIKO" (NADESHIKO, a festival of beauty and craftsmanship) package from Tuesday, March 7 to Sunday, May 21.

This springtime limited-offer package, developed jointly with the kimono rental business, "Kyoto Kimono Rental wargo," which operates in various tourist destinations with the mission of "bringing Japanese culture to the world," offers the opportunity to stroll around Meguro wearing kimono. Each guest can choose a kimono from among a large selection of designer or retro kimono and enjoy a meal and the cultural property, Hyakudan Kaidan, dressed in it.

Guests can choose to dine at either the Japanese restaurant, Tofutei, or Chinese restaurant, Shunyuki, both of which offer carefully-prepared food that the top chefs offer with pride. After the meal, guests are free to stroll around as they please - on the grounds, which has many scenic spots perfect for photographs with kimono, and out to see the cherry blossoms along Meguro River.

There is also a guided tour of Hyakudan Kaidan, the only remaining wood structure in Meguro Gajoen and is a Tokyo tangible cultural property, during which guests can enjoy a space that embodies the color palette of the Showa Era.

The guided tour includes the "Hyakudan Hinamatsuri - Kyushu Hina Kiko 2" exhibit of hina dolls between Tuesday, March 7 and Sunday, March 12. An exhibit of Japanese cat art, "Washitsu-de Tanoshimu Neko Art Fukuneko at Hyakudan Kaidan," will be held between Wednesday, April 26 and Sunday, May 14. Even at times without these special exhibits, Hyakudan Kaidan offers much to see, such as the nihonga Japanese paintings in the rooms, sculptures, and alcove posts.

The kimono rental in the package includes geta sandals and an obi sash. In addition, they offer optional accessories, so you can participate empty handed.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

1-8-1 Shimomeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Why not enjoy a relaxing and luxurious time wearing Japanese kimono in Meguro Gajoen this spring?[This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.03.2017]

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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