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Moomin Stand coppice KICHIJOJI to Open After Renewal

The drink kiosk "Moomin Stand coppice KICHIJOJI" will reopen after renovations on Thursday, March 30. To commemorate the reopening, it will release a special "Noko Matcha Cream" (556 JPY, excl. tax) drink that combines matcha green tea milk made with Nishio matcha from Aichi and a rich cream.

"Moomin Stand" is a popular beverage stand that offers a variety of drinks with different flavors called "Hattifattener seeds," based on the small, shiny, white seeds that are sown the day before the summer solstice for the Hattifatteners to sprout from. It offers a variety of seasonal menu items and sweets, in addition to the standard "Mix Berry Milk" (389 JPY, excl. tax) and "Royal Milk Tea" (370 JPY, excl. tax). With playful paraphernalia, such as the Hattifattener straws and six types of Moomin character lids adding to the fun, Moomin Stand is a place most Moomin fans have visited at least once.

Moomin Stand coppice KICHIJOJI

Coppice Kichijoji A building 1F, 1-11-5 Kichijojihoncho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo

The "Noko Matcha Cream" that will be released in time with the reopening on the 30th is available only in Kichijoji. The matcha green tea milk made with Nishio matcha from Aichi Prefecture, rich cream and caramel-flavored Hattifattener seeds go perfectly together. The stall is closed from Sunday, March 5 to Thursday, March 29, so fans will be earnestly awaiting the reopening. [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 03.06.2017]

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