Aquarium + cherry blossom viewing + digital show! A dolphin show with a flurry of falling cherry blossoms

SAKURA AQUARIUM by NAKED, an interactive event where spectators will be able to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing) inside the aquarium, will be held by NAKED at the urban entertainment facility Aqua Park Shinagawa from March 4th (Sat) until April 16th (Sun).

SAKURA AQUARIUM by NAKED is an event in which the Aqua Park Shinagawa will be painted in a shade of cherry blossom pink all over and guests will be able to enjoy a digital kind of cherry blossom viewing.

In the Koborezakura (falling cherry blossoms) Area, there will be ornamented real cherry blossom trees on both sides of the passageway, and guests will be able to see various kinds of fish in spring colors swimming inside tanks decorated in cherry blossoms, under petals that are falling as if they’re dancing. Meanwhile, in the Bar Area, guests can enjoy looking at the flowers with an original drink inspired by cherry blossoms in one hand.

In the dolphin show that is held at night, guests will get to witness images of cherry blossoms that seem to engulf the entire stadium and see dolphins perform while pink petals are pouring from the LED show.

The show with a sense of speed that is created by the union of the Japanese sense of beauty embodied by cherry blossoms and innovative images is a must-see! So for spring this year, how about experiencing hanami that is different from the usual with the SAKURA AQUARIUM by NAKED, where you can enjoy cherry blossoms, the highlight of spring, in an aquarium through the latest audiovisual performance? [This article was originally published in Walkerplus on 02.21.2017]

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