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Exploring MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless in Odaiba, Tokyo

The digital art museum, MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless, has opened in the Palette Town complex of Odaiba in Tokyo. It is sure to become one of Tokyo's iconic museums where visitors can experience a variety of works that go beyond the existing concept of art. Here is a report from the press viewing held to commemorate its opening.

Permanent Exhibition of the Internationally Acclaimed Art Group, teamLab

teamLab is an interdisciplinary creative group that produces interactive art using digital technology and has permanent exhibits in various locations around the world, including Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, and the US. The exhibitions held around the world are so popular, tickets sell out the day they are released. The team has been featured in various publications, ranging from business magazines to art magazines, and is acclaimed as the "the most exciting art group of our times." MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM: EPSON teamLab Borderless, which is its first permanent exhibit space in Japan, is organized under the concept of "Borderless". It consists of five spaces: Borderless World, teamLab Athletics Forest, Future Park, Forest of Lamps, and EN TEA HOUSE. The art can be experienced interactively, so it is great not just for adults, but also for families with children.

Permanent Exhibition of the Internationally Acclaimed Art Group, teamLab

Borderless World

The 10,000 sq.m. interior of this museum is truly a "borderless world". The approximately 50 beautiful installations created using 520 computers and 470 projectors move around freely across the rooms. The space is filled with numerous flowers, butterflies, and other beings, as well as with water and stars. There are no boundaries between the different installations or between them and people, so the works mix with and affect each other. If you touch the elephants or giraffes, they will cry, while the water will change course where people stand. Each moment is a work of art, and each encounter with an installation a once-in-a-lifetime event. There are no designated routes for seeing this museum, so stroll around as if in a forest and discover a world visible only to yourself.

An Interactive Space for All Generations

On the upper floor, there are a variety of installations not unlike attractions at a theme park, such as the "Multi Jumping Universe", which is a trampoline where stars are created in sync with a person's movements, the "Sketch Aquarium" where visitors' drawings are given life through graphics and a "Light Forest Three-dimensional Bouldering", in which participants climb poles with light and music.

The writer of this article experimented drawing a lizard using her favorite colors. It ended up looking like a poisonous lizard living in a jungle, but the reporter, nevertheless, felt proud of her creation.

The photograph is blurred because the lizard was moving so quickly!

EN TEA HOUSE: A Cafe Area to Take a Breather

Once you've walked around enough, stop by EN TEA HOUSE for a cup of tea. You'll see flowers begin to blossom in the tea. They will continue to blossom as long as there is tea in the cup. There is a new world being created even inside the tea, and you can swallow it up whole. This is a place where such strange experiences are a reality.

It took the writer about two hours to see the museum in a slightly rushed visit. She would have preferred to take more time to watch the waterfall and the men walking around playing instruments, and to have a longer visit to the Athletics Forest and Future Park. If the art here stimulates your sensibilities, you can easily enjoy a full day here.

If you are visiting Tokyo, be sure to visit this unusual art museum!

Website for purchasing tickets:

It is hugely popular among the locals, so purchase your tickets online in advance.

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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