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It is said that Tokyo is a city that never sleeps, and it points to Shinjuku where known as a nightlife destination.The bright neon lights which illuminate the city streets at night drive a feeling of enjoyment. Shinjuku district will surely be a place to satisfy your nightlife activities. We will introduce the best places to enjoy Shinjuku at night.

The Best places to visit in Shinjuku at night


Kabukicho, located the east of JR Shinjuku station, is the largest entertainment area in Tokyo. Bars, restaurants, hostess and host clubs, arcades, movies and live performance theaters, love hotels, karaoke boxes and plenty of shops could be found in this area. One of the reasons that make Kabukicho become a popular place for tourist is that there are unique themed spots like the famous Robot Restaurant and The Lock Up.

Shinjuku Golden Guy

This area is in Kabukicho, and has around 200 small restaurants and bars lining the narrow alley. Most of them are small and hold ten or fewer customers. It was once known as an area where intellectuals like famous artists, filmmakers, and people in the theater scene frequented. These days, there are still restaurants and shops with that sort of atmosphere, but there are also many genres such as bars, ramen, and Italian restaurants. You can feel like you've traveled back in time to a bygone Japan, but it has a lively bustle with an atmosphere that lets you relax and enjoy time with everyone. Hanazono Jinja Shrine is nearby, so why not sight-see there before or after going to Goldengai?

Omoide Yokocho

This is a bar district underneath the underpass by Shinjuku Station's west exit, made of longhouse-style establishments with a Showa retro atmosphere that contrasts with the high-rise buildings surrounding it. Its unique sign is distinctive and stands out from afar. It's popular with locals and people dropping by after work, but also with tourists. It has a long history, having started in 1946 just after the war, as a market in a burned field. The food stalls began serving meals made of easily obtainable ingredients like roast beef and pork giblets, and to this day, many restaurants serving meat skewers remain. These restaurants have become a specialty of this yokocho. There are also shops where you can purchase various tickets and coupons at a cheaper price than retail. Definitely check this area out!

Robot Restaurant

The Robot Restaurant is a popular sightseeing spot that showcases robot shows that reportedly cost as much as 10 billion yen to create. They have a strict reservations-only policy, and they charge extra for bento (boxed lunch), separate from the show charge (8,000 JPY (incl. tax)). Although it is classified as a restaurant, its main attraction is actually the shows rather than its food. With spectacular robot shows that continuously unfold right before your eyes and shows that allow audience participation, you can have an excitement-filled 90-minute stay in this restaurant. If you make your reservation on its official homepage or on Gurunavi, you might get a free coupon. However, you have to be careful because your reservation will be cancelled if you fail to show up at least 30 minutes before the start of the show. Further, they always have staff members there who speak English and Chinese.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Observatory

Shinjuku has a spot where you can enjoy breathtaking night view of Tokyo for free. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has north and south observation tower. The north observation tower has a regular service to 10:30 pm. There have coffee shops and bar where you can enjoy snacks and drinks in the building.

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