Harajuku fashion

The Harajuku area is popular for tourists from abroad and known as a site seeing place for "Kawaii culture" in Tokyo. To see Japan’s latest fashion and pop culture trends this is the place to be.We will introduce the best places to enjoy Harajuku Fashion.

The Best places to enjoy Harajuku Fashion

Takeshita Street

It is a street that stretches 350 meters long, which gradually descends from Harajuku station towards Meiji Dori and has many stores facing along the street that have flashy fashion boutiques for young people and several small stores. Widely known as a distinctive fashion city, besides the school trip excursion, there are also many visits by foreign tourists, and attention is also paid to the fashion of the people traveling.

Takeshita Street


"UraHara" area that points around the back of Meiji Dori passing through Takeshita-dori. High sensitivity shops are lined up. The “Design Festa Gallery" in this stylish district is used as a place of dissemination of artists from all over the world who will be responsible for the next generation, and develops exhibition space of more than 70 large and small. We are exhibiting and selling art works such as paintings, illustrations, stereoscopes, images and miscellaneous goods. In the courtyard cafe, you can enjoy your meal slowly while watching art.


Omotesando Hills

This is a large commercial building with a 250m-long facade that was built along the Japanese zelkova trees that line the famous Omotesando Street. Approximately 100 individual shops including renowned domestic and international brands and restaurants are in the main building with the main entrance. Its main target is people in their thirties and forties who are sensitive to fashion and prefer a metropolitan lifestyle.

・Omotesando Hills


Laforet HARAJUKU is a shopping building that is a Harajuku icon. It has been the center of the latest fashion and culture since opening in 1978. Its main target audience is young people in their teens and twenties. There are approximately 140 popular shops selling ladies and menswear, accessories, shoes and bags.


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

This shopping complex is located just opposite of Laforet Harajuku. Stores such as American Eagle Outfitters, the global flagship store by Tommy Hilfiger, and various other small shops can be found in this complex. On the rooftop there is also a place of relaxation named Oohara Forest, which is free of charge.

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

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