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A new place to be in Asakusa! Enjoy Japanese cuisine and shopping at Marugoto Nippon!

Marugoto Nippon is a building that packs 50 shops offering gems and local specialties from all over Japan. So, here are the highlights, floor by floor, of Marugoto Nippon, where you can fully enjoy the charms of the whole of Japan while you’re standing right there in Asakusa!

What is Marugoto Nippon?

Marugoto Nippon is a new place in Asakusa that has been drawing a lot of attention for selling and showcasing fine products and local specialties that have thus far been only available at the areas where they are made or produced. You will probably be surprised to know that for about 80% of the 50 shops inside this facility, it is their first time to run a branch in Tokyo. Marugoto Nippon showcases the different charms of Japan, all in one building. On the first floor in Nippon Food Market, guests are treated to Japanese dishes to their heart’s content, whether through take-out or by dining in. Meanwhile, the second floor, the Nippon Lifestyle Market, offers a wide assortment of products that are created in Japan through careful craftsmanship.

What is Marugoto Nippon?

2-6-7 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

1st Floor: Nippon Food Market

The first floor, the Nippon Food Market, houses 22 shops standing side by side, many of which are marking their business debut in Tokyo. The highlight of this floor is Marugoto Nippon KURA, a supermarket that sells about 2,000 kinds of ingredients, seasonings, souvenirs, and sake that were sourced from all over Japan by its discriminating buyers. For example, this store has about 40 types of soy sauce available. You will probably discover a new kind of Japan just by holding and looking closely at each of the countless products on display. Meanwhile, the Yonnana Mall on the same floor carries a wide selection of sweets from every place in Japan, including old-time favorites and local delicacies, so you can also have fun exploring here.

Yonnana Mall

Marugoto Nippon KURA

2nd Floor: Nippon Lifestyle Market

The second floor is home to 18 shops that mainly sell houseware and other daily necessities from various areas in Japan. Hagimonoya, a footwear store from Kurashiki in Okayama that was opened in 1892, sells its proprietary room shoes and other footwear. Marumo Takagi Toki, founded in 1887 in Tajimi, Gifu, the birthplace of Mino ceramic ware, offers tableware that reflects the Japanese food culture. Both of these shops carry fine goods that will make anyone feel Japan’s culture and traditional techniques. Aside from these two establishments, however, this floor is also teeming with other charming stores, including Hagi no Tsuki that sells bags made from fishing boat flags called tairyo-bata (flags that are used to signify a big catch when a fishing boat comes back to port), and URUWASHI that sells tableware created using traditional techniques from the Aizu region in Fukushima. The second floor is the perfect place to visit if you want to find great souvenirs from your trip.


Marumo Takagitoki

3rd Floor: Nippon Experience

The third floor is home to an event space and café that offer various experiences. At the event space Osusume Furusato, which markets and showcases the 20 municipalities of Japan, a Space Player that fuses lights and video projections is installed. It offers guests a chance to explore the charms of the many regions in Japan in a way that is different from how they are presented in conventional antenna shops or showrooms. At Café M/N, which serves dishes made with ingredients from all over Japan, you can enjoy food and drinks that will let you experience the food culture in various parts of the country. This floor also displays and sells valuable goods such as Japanese sake that are rarely available in the market. You will also have a great time looking for fine Japanese goods that are still unknown to the rest of the world. Who knows, you just might end up finding your next destination in your trip to Japan, too!

Osusume Furusato

Café M/N

4th Floor: Nippon Dining

The fourth floor is filled with seven restaurants that serve various local dishes from around the country. There are many different types of restaurants that offer their unique charms on this floor, including i-yo Shokudo, a bar that offers dishes that lavishly use fresh ingredients from Ehime in the Shikoku region; Kamehachi, a restaurant serving Kyoto’s famous motsunabe (hot pot of offal, vegetables and other ingredients); and Hatabata, a casual restaurant serving Japanese dishes. Over at Bon, a restaurant specializing in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki (savory pancakes), the okonomiyaki is cooked by the chefs and then brought to your table. Besides okonomiyaki, you can also get a taste of oysters caught in Hiroshima, local sake and other Hiroshima-style dishes while you are in Asakusa. There is also an outdoor garden with a view of Tokyo Skytree, so make sure to drop in and enjoy the scenery.

i-yo Shokudo


Marugoto Nippon is really a unique place. If you explore the entire building from the first to the fourth floors, you would probably feel like you’ve gone around Japan. Marugoto Nippon is a place where you can enjoy Japanese dishes and shop for fine goods anytime. So, if you happen to visit the Asakusa area, how about dropping by to check it out?

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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