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Enjoy nature and the sea to the fullest! 5 Recommended Remote Islands Accessible from Tokyo

Do you know that the Tokyo region actually has more than 300 islands? Many of these islands are places where you can enjoy such activities as bathing in the sea, fishing, and marine sports! Here are five remote islands that you can easily reach from Tokyo.

1. Oshima

Izu Oshima is the largest volcanic island in the Izu Islands (group of about 100 islands scattered southeast of the Izu Peninsula) that are located about 120km south of Tokyo. If you leave Tokyo early, you can go a day tour of this island via jet boat.
At Oshima, you can tour the island on a rented bicycle or motorcycle and engage in marine sports. Mt. Mihara, which has erupted several times in the past, is located at the center of this island, so you can view the volcanic activities up to now through the Izu Oshima Geopark (a nature park that showcases the heritage of the region) and experience the majestic nature of Oshima. You can also go to the desert called Urasabaku in the eastern part of Mt. Mihara and you will be greeted by an astonishing sight that is covered by black earth. You shouldn’t miss it.

Access from Tokyo
・Plane (Chofu – Oshima): About 25 minutes
・Jet boat (Takeshiba – Oshima): About 1 hour, 45 minutes

Mt. Mihara, black desert

2. Niijima

Niijima is a vertically long island that is about 160km south of Tokyo. It’s a place where you can totally relax thanks to its warm climate all year round. It is a remote island surrounded by a beautiful sea that is famous for surfing, diving and swimming. You can also go fishing and cycling, as well as go trekking on four courses here. Now after you are done sightseeing and engaging in fun activities, you make it a perfect day by soaking in the Yunohama Roten Onsen, a hot spring that is open 24 hours a day. The view from this open-air hot bath made from kohga stones, a type of pumice stone can only be found on Niijima in Japan, has a sense of space that is simply spectacular! So, enjoy a little bit of a resort vibe here.

Access from Tokyo
・Plane (Chofu – Niijima): About 40 minutes
・Jet boat (Takeshiba – Niijima): About 2 hours, 50 minutes

2. Niijima

Aza Kurone, Niijimamura, Tokyo

3. Miyakejima

Miyakejima is an island that has Mt. Oyama, a volcano that erupts in 20-year cycles, at the center. The area near the summit is currently a restricted no-entry zone, so you cannot see the crater. However, you will still be able to see a lot of unique land forms in the island that were created by the volcanic activities, so the entire island is called the museum of volcanoes. The clear, beautiful sea and the rolling terrains are famous with divers. You can enjoy swimming in the sea, dolphin swimming, fishing, bird watching, bouldering/climbing and cycling. This place is definitely recommended for people who enjoy marine sports and looking at stunning views created by volcanic activities.

Access from Tokyo
・Plane (Chofu – Miyakejima): About 50 minutes
・Jet boat (Takeshiba – Miyakejima): About 6 hours, 30 minutes

3. Miyakejima

672-3 Ako, Miyakemura, Miyakejima, Tokyo

4. Mikurajima

Mikurajima is located about 200km south of Tokyo. It’s an island that is famous for dolphin watching, and there is a very high probability that you will see dolphins. There are many wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins around this area, and if you are lucky, you might be able to see a newborn dolphin! The entire island is covered by a lush virgin forest that you can explore by trekking with a guide. When you go on a tour of Mikurajima, you cannot disembark unless you have a reservation at a lodging facility (or at a village-run bungalow), so you must book your accommodations in advance.

Access from Tokyo
・Plane (Chofu – Miyakejime): About 50 minutes, (Miyakejime – Mikurajima): About 10 minutes
・Jet boat (Takeshiba – Mikurajima): About 7 hours, 25 minutes

4. Mikurajima

Mikurajimamura, Tokyo

5. Hachijojima

Hachijojima is a gourd-shaped island with a subtropical climate that was formed by the joining of two volcanoes. There are many hot spring facilities in the island, so you can enjoy a resort vibe while relaxing in the hot bath. You can swim in the sea, go snorkeling and diving, and go trekking while marveling at the beautiful view of the volcanic terrain and the summits of Mt. Mihara and Hachijofuji. One of the best things about this island is that at night, the sky is full of stars!

Access from Tokyo
・Plane (Chofu – Miyakejima): About 50 minutes, (Miyakejime – Mikurajima): About 10 minutes, (Mikurajima – Hachijojima): About 25 minutes
・Jet boat (Takeshiba – Hachijojima): About 10 hours, 20 minutes

5. Hachijojima

2345-1 Okago, Hachijomachi, Hachijojima, Tokyo

There are many remote islands right next to Tokyo that offer beautiful seas and vast nature. So when you go sightseeing in Tokyo, try to go a little farther and explore these islands!

*Please note that the information in this article is from the time of writing or publication and may differ from the latest information.

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